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Top 5 Ways to Flourish in an Accelerated Degree Program

As kids, many of us may have thought that time moved way too slowly. From car rides to science class, we stared at the clock wishing that there was some way that we could speed up the process and get things done faster. While for most things in life there is no fast forward button, higher education institutions are now beginning to hear our need for speed.

An Accelerated Degree: Life in the Fast Lane

Traditionally, the time required for completing a bachelors degree is four years. Just like driving a car students had speed limits to follow. Now there are accelerated degree program to help students jump into the fast lane and complete their degrees in record time.

Changing Careers: A Roadmap

You know the statistics-it's the hardest time to find a job in the U.S. since the Great Depression. Although the economy may be picking up, the job market isn't necessarily following along. While this is obviously bad news for the unemployed, it's also not very good news for persons hoping to change jobs in the near future.

The Bachelor's Job Market

It's a good time to be a bachelor, and by that we mean a man or woman with a Bachelor's degree. Find out why here...

Completing Your Bachelor's Degree

There are many factors that can get in the way of earning a degree, which is why many people find themselves wanting to return to school later on in their careers to finish up a Bachelor's degree.

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