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2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Business School Students

Whether your student is male or female, old-school or cutting edge, sensible or sentimental, there's a perfect idea on this list for every budget. You can rest assured that these gifts for business school students will get their nod of approval.

Your Ultimate Guide to Becoming Business Savvy

Beyond the industry opportunities, why wouldn't you strive to become the most impressive business pro you can be? That way when you're called up to the plate, you'll be ready to swing for the fences.

Is Entrepreneurship a Good Major for Aspiring Business Owners?

Many successful entrepreneurs never completed a college degree, and although you might have what it takes to hang with that crowd, imagine how much more success you could encounter with all the necessary knowledge and skills under your belt from the get-go.

Rasmussen College Hosts Professional Networking and Development Event

On Thursday, October 11th, Rasmussen College hosted a professional networking and development event featuring Josh Braaten, Rasmussen College Senior Online Marketing Manager. The event focused on supporting businesses in the Bloomington, Minn. area by providing business-to-business introductions and a highlight of online marketing techniques.

Professional Communication in the Business World

Throughout my 25 year career as a business professional, I have seen business world communications evolve from letters on beautiful business stationary and personal handwritten note cards, to personal assistants answering your business phone and transferring the call or taking personal messages. Now, we have become much more relaxed in our communication in the business world.

What is SEO and Social Networking, and Why are They Important?

Most businesses know how to create word of mouth in the traditional sense. When you provide a superior product or service, people talk about it. Call it water-cooler conversation or chatting over coffee; traditional word of mouth spreads by people who trust each other talking about products, services or companies.

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