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The Benefits of Attending Online Classroom Lectures

Online college lectures can seem pointless and more like a waste of time than a help if you feel you've already learned sufficiently from the homework or assigned reading. While it may seem like an easy fix to simply skip the lectures, the impact of avoiding your professors' presentations time after time may actually cause a large deficit in your learning.

9 Netiquette Guidelines Online Students Need to Know

Proper etiquette is nothing new for most people. You grew up with your parents constantly telling you to mind your manners. But for those who grew up without some sort of computer screen inches from their face at all times, proper "netiquette" may seem a bit mystifying. We're here to help with nine simple guidelines for how to be on your best behavior in an online classroom.

5 Reasons You Should Join the 'RasLounge' Online Community Today!

There's a new social presence in town with over 5,000 registered users and they're all in the same boat you're in-they're students. This is a place that you can learn from others, gain support, make new friends, hear firsthand news and connect with others anytime, anywhere.

Protect Your SSN: Eagan Accounting Class Provides 10 Top Tips

Students enrolled in the "Payroll Accounting" class at Rasmussen College's Eagan campus recently created a top 10 list of tips to protect your social security number. "In the age of identity theft, protecting one's social security number is critical to keeping personal information secure," said Kari Grittner, accounting state program coordinator. "This topic was unique to the payroll accounting course, and we were looking for new ideas to protect social security numbers."

Q&A: How To Avoid Job Search Mistakes [Event Recap]

When you are wrapped up in job hunting, you may not realize there are several things you could be doing differently that could make all the difference in how you find a job and whether you get hired. Our career experts revealed several common job search mistakes and how to avoid them during our most recent Career Development Google+ "Hangout on Air" May 19 titled Ask the Experts: How to Avoid the Common Job Search Mistakes.

Career Experts to Reveal Job Search Mistakes [Event Preview]

The Rasmussen College Career Services Team will host a Career Development Google+ Hangout on Air about avoiding common job search mistakes Monday, May 19 at 5:30 p.m. CST. Our team will take live questions and our experts will give their recommendations on several things related to mitigating the job search, such as online searching, networking and social media, how to follow-up, researching the company and creating your personal brand.

College Students' Most Pressing Financial Aid Questions Answered

Your biggest concern is being a great role model for your growing family but that paycheck at the end of a hard 2-week stretch is also a driving factor for you. You want to find a degree that you can afford and that will help accelerate your career-the only issue is, you need to figure out the best options for you through financial aid, and you have several questions.

Study Skills Tips: Finding Time for Studying AND Parenting

Earning a degree while raising kids is not for the faint of heart. Keeping your kids fed and at least somewhat clean can seem like a tough task on its own some days, but when coupled with the demands of college level coursework your daily responsibilities can seem daunting. Don't worry, we're here to help. We've compiled the advice of students with children and have come up with some tips to help improve your study skills and make your life a little easier.

Why Joining a Professional Association is a Smart Move for Your Career

Giving back to your profession is a rewarding and fun opportunity, and getting involved in an association or organization is one way to do this. Professional associations and organizations offer a chance to grow professionally and personally, as well as the opportunity to expand networking, which can be beneficial during a job search or possibility of promotion.

Manage Your School Career like a Professional

Good management principles are key concepts to the success of every business. Thriving managers use planning, organizing, directing and controlling (evaluating), as well as Human Resource skills, to ensure the organization runs effectively and efficiently. Here are the key management principles every student (and business owner) should know.

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