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8 Reasons Moms Make Great Graphic Designers

There are many qualities you've mastered as a mom that lend themselves well to a career in graphic design. We spoke with a few graphic designer moms to identify eight reasons you're perfectly suited for being a graphic designer.

What Can You Do With a Graphic Design Degree?

You're considering acquiring a degree in graphic design but you want to know what your job prospects will look like after graduation. Take a look at the top 10 positions that hire individuals with a graphic design degree.

Experts Reveal 6 Easily Avoidable Graphic Design Mistakes

But graphic designers are set to face some tough competition in the coming years, battling other creatives for those highly-valued positions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Rather than letting that scare you away from the field you're starting to love, let that serve as motivation to up your game a little bit!

What is UI Design & Why Do You Need to Know About it?

User interface (UI) design has become a buzzword in the graphic design industry. If you're looking for a way to stand out in the sea of aspiring designers, mastering this skill is a great way to do it. We enlisted a few experts to explain the concept and why you need to know about it!

8 Types of Graphic Design Jobs You May Not Know About ... Yet

If you're a creative, tech-savvy individual with an artistic background, you've probably considered working in graphic design. What you may not know is there are several types of graphic design jobs out there. This article will introduce you to eight opportunities you may not know about ... yet!

5 Non-Design Skills You Need to Become a Freelance Graphic Designer

Becoming a freelance designer means not having to sacrifice time with your family for your career, making it a great alternative for designers with children. But before committing to this option, it's important to know what you're getting yourself into. We enlisted some seasoned freelance designers to explain some of the abilities you'll need above and beyond standard design skills.

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