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6 Signs You Should Be Working in Animation

There is no one-size-fits-all description of a perfect animator, but there are definitely some common characteristics that many share. We enlisted a few animation pros to help us identify some inherent qualities that may suggest you’re destined to be an animator.

Digital Design Interview Questions: What to Expect and How to Prepare

The demand for graphic designers and multimedia artists and animators is expected to continue to grow through the year 2020, however, it is likely competition in the field will continue to grow as well. Because of the competition a digital designer might face during the job hunting phase, you may wonder how applicants can make themselves standout in an interview. There are three keys to landing a digital design job.

16 Polished and Prolific Pinterest Design Boards to Follow

With the hundreds of Pinterest boards featuring all types of design pins ranging from graphics, advertising or web design, it may be difficult to narrow down your options of boards to follow. Whether you are already in the design world or you're looking to further your design education, these 16 polished and prolific Pinterest design boards will surely grab your attention.

Starting Your Career in Graphic Design

Are you interested in a career in Graphic Design? Check out our latest "What Should I Do with My Life" video to learn more about breaking into a career in this field and the business of design.

What is Graphic Design?

From our "What Should I Do With My Life" video series we answer the question; what is graphic design? Check out why the changes in technology have transformed what you may do as a graphic designer.

Common Courses in Multimedia Programs

The latest from our "What Should I Do With My Life" video series we cover the graphic design and multimedia career fields and what classes will help get you where you want to be in this exciting career.

Careers for Artists in Today's Workforce

Those who are artistic may often believe it's difficult to profit from their passion. Still, just because a person works his right brain more than his left doesn't mean he can't earn as much money as his peers.

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