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Protect Your SSN: Eagan Accounting Class Provides 10 Top Tips

Students enrolled in the "Payroll Accounting" class at Rasmussen College's Eagan campus recently created a top 10 list of tips to protect your social security number. "In the age of identity theft, protecting one's social security number is critical to keeping personal information secure," said Kari Grittner, accounting state program coordinator. "This topic was unique to the payroll accounting course, and we were looking for new ideas to protect social security numbers."

Students Salute New Law Enforcement Training Facility

Police departments from Eagan, Apple Valley, Cambridge and the U.S. Army Reserves have already booked space in the firearms simulator and there's talk of allowing departments to hone their CSI skills in the crime lab. Local police departments will eventually be able to use the facility at no cost.

New Diversity Awareness Video Sends Message of Hope

Five people, five stories, one message - "It gets better." In a new three-minute video, Rasmussen College is sending a message of hope to its students, faculty and staff who struggle with acceptance. Rasmussen College has partnered with the It Gets Better Project, a collection of online videos from around the nation published by both individuals and organizations.

Understanding the Justice System

The most confusing aspect in evaluating Supreme Court Justices surrounds the vocabulary used to describe them. If a Justice is labeled "liberal" they are most often associated with the Democratic Party and conversely "conservative" Justices are lopped in with the Republicans. This is not necessarily the case as the terms "liberal" and "conservative" refer to interpretation of the Constitution rather than political affiliation.