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Green Bay Campus Hosts Panel Discussion on Autism Awareness

The Green Bay campus hosted a free panel discussion Sept. 10 concerning autism awareness and the relationships that currently exist between families and persons with autism and the local law enforcement community. Law enforcement and nursing students, along with community members and police officers, learned about autism, a neurobiological disorder, and how law enforcement officers can better handle situations when communicating with individuals with this disorder.

Green Bay Grad Shines After Earning Healthcare Management Degree

Finding a job in a sluggish economy can be brutal, and often, employers have lofty expectations of their pools of applicants. Students looking to secure a job need to find unique ways to stand out from the crowd in order to compete. Green Bay, Wis., graduate Peggy Sonneson found the right mix of education and extracurricular work to land her dream job in her field.

Green Bay Nursing Student Begins New Career Despite Life Challenges

Green Bay, Wis., professional nursing student Dana Hainer is more than ready to start her nursing career. She enrolled in nursing school years ago but received a last-minute phone call that would dramatically change the course of her life. The adoption agency she'd been working with for months was calling to tell her that her application was approved and that she could adopt her first child. "I chose to pursue the adoption and put my career on hold," Hainer says. "Little did I know it'd be a long stretch before I could get back to it."

Nursing Faculty Spotlight: Bill Hartman

We recently sat down with Bill Hartman, the Dean of the School of Nursing at the Green Bay, WI college campus. Bill brings more than 30 years of nursing and clinical care experience, and has some great insight into breaking into the challenging and emotionally rewarding career in nursing.