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11 Healthy Heart Tips to Help Keep the Doctor Away

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans each year, but it's largely preventable through healthy lifestyle choices. There are a number of ways you can take your health into your own hands. Keep reading to learn a handful of healthy heart tips recommended by experts and the American Heart Association.

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Donating Blood

Everyone is aware of the importance of donating blood as it relates to the recipients but we don't often hear about the benefits for the actual donors. Learn about five surprising advantages of donating blood!

5 Healthcare Technology Trends to Follow in 2018

There’s a lot of room for tech-enabled advancements in healthcare—so what should you keep an eye on? We asked healthcare experts to weigh in and determine the top healthcare technology trends that they think will dominate 2018.

20 Healthcare Apps Everyone Should Have

There is an entire world of healthcare resources at your fingertips if you seek them out. But with so many to choose from and limited space on your device, where do you even start? Don’t worry—we did all the work for you and put together this list of helpful healthcare apps to save you time.

Health Information Trends: What Is Population Health?

While we often treat healthcare as an isolated area of our lives, it directly impacts—and is impacted by—everything we do. Population health seeks to understand these connections. Learn more about this critical aspect of the healthcare field.