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What is Human Services? Experts Explain Their Field

Perhaps friends or family have referred you to this field because of your altruistic personality. The idea intrigues you, but you still want to know: What is human services, anyway? We gathered some expert insight to answer that very question. Keep reading to learn more about this rewarding career field and find out if it’s the right fit for you.

10 Tips on How to Avoid Social Work Burnout

Social work burnout is a real concept, but don’t let it to steer you away from pursuing a career in this field. The key is knowing what causes it and how you can combat it. We spoke with social work pros to get their expert advice on how to avoid social work burnout.

Most Common Jobs in Social Work for Bachelor's Degree Holders [Interactive Map]

From addiction counselors to mental health case workers, there are a wide variety of jobs that fall under the umbrella of social work. These jobs all require patience and strong people skills, but the demand for these jobs varies by state. We used real-time job analysis software from to create this interactive map illustrating the most common social work job titles in each state.

I Want to Become a Social Worker ... Now What?

You've always had a passion for helping people, which is why making the choice to become a social worker was an easy one. But what's next? We have the answers to all of your questions about getting started in this career field.

10 Heartwarming Human Services Jobs that Let You Help Others

"Human services" is a broad phrase used to describe a large industry that focuses on just that, serving the needs of human beings. If helping others is something you're passionate about, here are 10 heartwarming human services jobs that are available to you once you've earned a human services degree.

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