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Rasmussen College Wins Innovative Technology Award for Tutoring Program

The Rasmussen College tutor program won the Innovative Use of Technology Award at the National College Learning Center Association’s (NCLCA) annual conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico in October. The college received the award for its innovative technology resulting in better student learning, as well as increasing student engagement.

Justice Studies Instructor Reflects on Recent Police Officer's Death

In the hours after police officer Tom Decker's death, I found myself hugging my husband, a police officer, as tightly as I could, crying and asking him not to go to work. He kissed me and told me that he loved me and headed out the door for what was going to be a very difficult shift. I quickly realized it wasn't fair for me to ask him not to go.

From Pillars to PCs: The Evolution of the 'Traditional' College Experience

A college lecture used to be given to a classroom of newly graduated 18-year-olds looking for the 'time of their life' and the 'full college experience'. However, times have changed. Often these days, students attend college part-time, as well as attend lectures online and are also busy working and/or providing for their family. The majority of "traditional" students are now enrolled in online schooling, and at community and for-profit colleges.

Infographic: Technology Development Stages for Kids

Today, most Gen Xers and Gen Yers didn't receive their first cellphone until they were in high school, maybe even college or later. But these days, children are getting their hands on mobile devices at a younger age every day. In this new infographic, we walk you through the technology milestones for different development stages.

Infographic: The Value of a Degree - Your Lifelong Earning Potential

With rising higher education costs and student debt across America, it can be hard to see the lifelong earning potential of a college degree. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, a college graduate with a bachelor's degree can expect to make more than $1 million in additional lifelong earnings than someone whose highest education is a high school diploma.

Infographic: It's the Most Unhealthy Time of the Year

Dancing at holiday parties won't be enough to work-off all the bread pudding and Christmas cookies the average person eats during the holiday season. Our latest infographic breaks down the calories and fat in some of the most popular holiday eats, while providing tips to battle the not-so-jolly bulge.

Infographic: Honoring Our Veterans in More Ways Than One

To some, it's a day off from work. But for more than 22 million United States veterans living today, Veterans Day is the date set aside for Americans to honor them for their service. All veterans are eligible for a number of benefits such as education, health care and loans, but many of these benefits go unused. See how many veterans participate in benefit programs and what types of jobs veterans are coming home to in our new infographic.

Why you need to Care on November 6, 2012

What are you doing Tuesday, November 6, 2012? I hope you know, and I hope you will have spent the time figuring out what is important to you in this world by the evening of November 5th. Most importantly, I hope you cast your vote for the Presidential candidate of your choice.

U.S. Olympians with a College Degree

Did you find yourself glued to the TV during the Olympics? It's hard not to be inspired after watching the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team take gold or U.S. Swimmer Rebecca Soni break the breaststroke world record not once, but twice. These are the best athletes in the world, but like many Rasmussen College students, some U.S. Olympians also exercised their minds in a college classroom.

Cyber Security: What Every Student Should Know About Their Passwords

It's happened again. Hackers found their way inside a major website and stole approximately 450,000 account logins and passwords. Those passwords were then published for the world to see. Yahoo is not alone. Last month, 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords showed up on a Russian website. You may be thinking, "I use those websites". As students, you're encouraged to, but there are some steps you can take to keep your personal information safe online

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