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Students Salute New Law Enforcement Training Facility

Police departments from Eagan, Apple Valley, Cambridge and the U.S. Army Reserves have already booked space in the firearms simulator and there's talk of allowing departments to hone their CSI skills in the crime lab. Local police departments will eventually be able to use the facility at no cost.

The Life of a Drug Task Force Agent - Uncovered

To say it's a dangerous job might be an understatement. Undercover officers come face-to-face with criminals dressed just like me or you. That means no radio, no bulletproof vest, no taser and no handcuffs - some of the critical tools you might associate with a law enforcement officer. Instead, all they have is a well-hidden gun (so not to give away their disguise) and a wire.

How to Choose the Right Justice Studies Degree Programs

Now that you've narrowed down the Justice Studies career you would like to pursue, the next step is earning a degree. Depending on which area of the Justice Studies field you'd like to work in, there are numerous degree programs to help lay the educational foundation needed for this line of work.

Mentoring Future Law Enforcement Officers with Real-World Stories

In less than three minutes, Officer Chad Sanow's life changed forever. On Oct. 26, 2010, the Fairmont, Minn. police officer kissed his family goodbye, got in his squad car and responded to what he thought was a house fire. When he arrived, a man armed with a shotgun opened fire hitting him in the chest and again in the hip.

An Insider's Perspective: Fire Science Associate's Degree

Do you know you want a career that involves helping others? How about a career that can build character from interactions and relationships with coworkers, as well as keep your community safe? If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to consider pursuing a degree in fire science.