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What Is Mobile Marketing? Inside the New Age of Advertising

Mobile devices are becoming more and more common as the primary platforms for interacting with businesses and organizations — and marketing professionals are adapting to meet this change. Read on to learn more about this mobile-first marketing niche.

9 Signs You Were Born to Work in Sales

Are you a natural-born sales pro? We asked sales experts of all stripes to identify some of the telltale signs of sales success. See if you can relate to any of these nine qualities that lend themselves well to the profession. You may be better equipped than you think!

7 Suitable Jobs in Marketing for Degree Holders

Marketing professionals participate in a variety of different tasks and have responsibilities that require a range of skills and knowledge. Because of that, the number of different jobs you can do with a market degree is quite impressive.

Why a Marketing Degree is Good for Career Growth Potential

Career growth potential is something that must be considered when you are selecting a college degree and a professional field to work in. During your search for the best career field to enter into, you will find certain fields tend to provide greater career growth opportunities than others.

The Need-to-Knows of a Future Marketer

A career in marketing can take on many forms and find a fit in almost any industry. If you are thinking about a career in marketing or sales, the infographic below is a great start for helping set expectations on future growth potential.

Exploring Marketing Salaries

Check out this short video as we explore the variety of potential marketing salaries and career path opportunities! From our "What Should I Do With My Life" series we speak with Soma Jurgensen, the Chair of the School of Business at the Brooklyn Park, Minnesota campus at Rasmussen College.