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How Hard is Nursing School? Students Tell All

How hard is nursing school? To answer this we've asked several nursing students and graduates to tell us what they thought was the hardest part of nursing school, and what they did to overcome these challenges. Here's what they said:

Everything You Need to Know About the 'Catastrophic' Heartbleed Bug

News of the "Heartbleed bug" has been wreaking havoc across cyberspace. It's been described as "the most dangerous security flaw on the web" and "the ultimate web nightmare." But is it really as bad as it seems? Information security pros say yes! Find out why and what you can do to protect yourself.

Tech Expert on the Microsoft/Windows XP Split & How it Affects You

Microsoft has officially pulled the plug on Windows XP and will no longer support the operating system as of April 8, 2014. If you're part of the 30% of users still using XP, you're probably wondering why the change happened, how it will affect you and what options you have. We enlisted a tech expert to help you understand your options.

Infographic: Millennial Entrepreneurship Ascending

With each new generation comes speculation about what they'll be like. Studies show the current generation, Millennials, are extremely interested in being their own boss and becoming an entrepreneur. Check out the below infographic to learn more about the millennial generation and why entrepreneurship may be their calling.

6 IT Management Skills You've Already Mastered as a Mom

If you have an interest in technology, but aren't necessarily savvy when it comes to programming languages and operating systems, a career in information technology (IT) management might be right up your alley. Experts in the field agree that many IT management skills are closely aligned with responsibilities you master every day as a mother. Real IT manager moms share insight about how these skills overlap.

The Preposition 'At': How its Usage Has Changed

The American language seems to change as much as our attention span. Somewhere in the midst of this change, more and more of us are ending our sentences with the word "at." What was once considered a major faux pas in public speaking has been creeping into the mainstream.