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How to Become a Registered Nurse

You need to know how to become a registered nurse (RN) so you can decide which path would work best for you. This guide will help you figure out each step along the way so you can earn your degree and get that RN career you’re seeking.

Ft. Myers Nursing Graduate Finds 'True Calling' in Second Career

Typically, the results of personality or career aptitude tests should be taken with a grain of salt. But, Rasmussen College graduate Patrick Joyce can look back on the results of an aptitude test he took while attending school to become a police officer as a clear sign of his true calling. According to the test results Joyce's top occupational suggestion was nursing, while police officer was around fifth.

Green Bay Nursing Student Begins New Career Despite Life Challenges

Green Bay, Wis., professional nursing student Dana Hainer is more than ready to start her nursing career. She enrolled in nursing school years ago but received a last-minute phone call that would dramatically change the course of her life. The adoption agency she'd been working with for months was calling to tell her that her application was approved and that she could adopt her first child. "I chose to pursue the adoption and put my career on hold," Hainer says. "Little did I know it'd be a long stretch before I could get back to it."

Your RN Career Outlook: Behind the Numbers

Knowing that job opportunities for RNs will continue to grow is essential so you can have confidence in your career choice. But it's always helpful to know the why behind such statistics. So, why is the demand for RNs increasing faster than the demand for other healthcare careers? Here are four reasons.

RN vs. Physician Assistant: Diagnosing the Differences

The variety of jobs in healthcare may seem like a dream at first - there are so many options for those who take school seriously and want to have a successful, fulfilling career. What if, for example, you know you don't want to be a doctor, but you still want to have hands-on patient care, work closely with doctors and spend your days helping the sick and injured? Numerous job titles fit the bill, but for now, let's just focus on: registered nurse (RN) versus physician assistant (PA).

LPN vs. RN: The Advantages of Being a Registered Nurse

After you've made the decision to go back to school and become a nurse, there's still another big decision ahead of you, and it comes with a debate: licensed practical nurse (LPN) versus registered nurse (RN). We've already covered the advantages of being an LPN, so we'll lay out the opposing viewpoint here: How you can reap the benefits as an RN.

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