Congratulations Class of 2009 - 2010!

Graduation Video

Watch this video and celebrate the accomplishments of all the Rasmussen College Online graduates!

With more than 100 online graduates participating in this year's virtual graduation, we have students graduating from the School of Health Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, and School of Justice Studies.

School of Health Sciences

Congratulations School of Health Sciences Online Graduates!

Rasmussen College Online School of Health Sciences graduates have the skills to be a part of the large team required to deliver high quality patient care and keep healthcare facilities running smoothly.

School of Business

Congratulations School of Business Online Graduates!

Rasmussen College Online School of Business graduates are global thinkers with sound business judgment. They have a deep understanding of best practices and have the skills necessary for success in the ever changing business world.

School of Justice Studies

Congratulations School of Justice Studies Online Graduates!

Rasmussen College Online School of Justice Studies graduates are trained in many aspects of the legal process. They have the skills necessary to successfully navigate the legal system in a wide range of careers.

School of Education

Congratulations School of Education Online Graduates!

Rasmussen College Online School of Education graduates have the skills necessary to be successful in the early childhood field. They understand developmentally appropriate practices and how to effectively manage a classroom.

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Thank You Graduates!

Rasmussen College Online faculty and staff would like to thank its 2009-2010 graduates. We hope you enjoyed your time at Rasmussen as much as we enjoyed working with you. Please keep in touch with us as you continue on your journey as alumni. Come back often and share your success story with us, we'd love to hear from you!

President's Address

Don DeVito, Campus President Congratulates the 2009-2010 Graduating Class

Don DeVito is Campus President of Rasmussen College Online where he leads a team of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of online students and their success.

Graduation is a time to celebrate a great accomplishment, one that will change your life as you know it. Making the decision to do something special with your life and start on the path to success is not an easy one, and I applaud you for following through with it. You should be proud.

As you have discovered, college is a mountainous task, there are many challenges and many obstacles, and many do not make it to the summit—but you did.

The first, and perhaps most difficult challenge, is finding the determination to start the trek. There are countless reasons why the decision to go to school is delayed; financial difficulties, family duties, or simply the fear of failure. But you, the graduate, have managed to conquer your fears and overcome the obstacles, you rose to the challenge.

As I'm sure any graduate can attest, the trek itself isn't an easy one. Half of those who start become overwhelmed by the size of the task ahead and lack the confidence to make it to the top. But you were different. You learned how to use the tools we gave you in your first courses, and applied them throughout your education.

As you started the climb, you took general education courses to become a well rounded scholar and learn the basic tools for success. However, the one tool you needed above all was the drive and passion to achieve your dreams and get your degree. This is the tool you have within you; it cannot be learned. As you hold your diploma today, know this last tool will help you find success in whatever you do in life.

As you continued your climb up the mountain there were moments where you were challenged, both academically, and in your personal life. It was here where you discovered the importance of your support network. You reached out to family, friends, your admissions representative, course instructors, and other online students. I commend you for finding the determination and aid necessary to meet these challenges with full-force, and move past them.

Soon you found yourself taking courses that related specifically to your own program area. These included management, crime prevention, pathology, and child development. But no matter which you took, as you completed these specialized courses, the end was in sight. You were finally climbing above the clouds, and could see the final summit.

Today as you proudly hold your diploma, know that you accomplished a great feat. You climbed the mountain and earned your degree. For some, it was only a matter of months, for others it was years, but no matter how long it took, what matters is that you did it.

Wherever life takes you, know that you have the drive to be successful in whatever you choose to do. Never forget that the time is now for you to find success, follow your dreams, and have a career you are passionate about. Now go, and be remarkable.