Congratulations Class of 2009 - 2010!

School of Justice Studies

Abby Fitzsimmons - Paralegal - Certificate

Anthony Meyer - Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement - Associate's

Cherilyn Tedesko - Paralegal - Associate's

Debbie Kavanagh - Paralegal - Certificate

Jacey Schneiker - Paralegal - Certificate

Joshua Walker - Criminal Justice - Associate's

Katherine Couture - Paralegal - Associate's

Kathy is a proud graduate who used to say she was "on the 50 year plan!" (It took less!) Thanks & kudos to husband Bob; sons Chris and Matt, RAS instructors, family and friends. Special thanks to Captain Kirk!

Kimberley Arias - Criminal Justice - Associate's

Kimberly Saunders - Criminal Justice - Client Services/Corrections - Bachelor's

Kimberly earned her Associates Degree from Rasmussen College in 2008 in Criminal Justice and then began her quest for Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, earned today with a 3.88/4.0 Grade Point Average. Her future plans include pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a career counseling criminal drug offenders.

Lisa Lindsay - Paralegal - Associate's

Michael Wilson - Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement - Associate's

Michael plans on continuing his education by obtaining his Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice. With this degree, Michael plans on being a Probation Officer. Michael’s educational experiences were enriching and he learned great knowledge in the Criminal Justice system.

PaviElle Robinson - Criminal Justice - Corrections - Associate's

PaviElle would like to thank her family for being supportive and motivating her to succeed, especially her grandmother, Melvenia Robinson. Upon graduation, she plans to use her degree to work with juveniles whom need help changing their lives around.

Shanna Llewellyn - Criminal Justice - Client Services/Corrections - Bachelor's