Graduation - Fall 2010

 Video Transcript

Kari Nollendorfs

Many say the single greatest investment is their house. Take just a second and think of the most valuable thing you have in your possession.

If it isn’t a house, maybe you thought of your car, your truck, or your wedding ring, but I believe with 100% certainty your college degree is your most valuable possession. Your degree is the only possession you will take out of this hall today that is completely and utterly permanent. It can’t burn down in a fire, or wash away in a flood. The saying is “diamonds are forever,” but a diamond ring can be lost. College degrees are forever. Your degree becomes part of the identity you will carry your whole life and part of the legacy you leave behind when you leave this earth. No other possession will be as precious or everlasting as the degree you receive today.

Julian Posada

To the graduates I say, "Felicidades. Congratulations." To the parents I say, "Be proud. Tengan orgullo." To the teachers and administrators, I say, "Job well done. Bien hecho."

For both teachers and parents but especially the graduates, getting to this point has been a collection of stories. Stories about acheivement; stories about conviction; stories about failure, hope; stories of stress... stories of stress... stories of stress; and stories of joy.

Shannon Kennedy

None of us arrived at this day alone. Everyone here has turned to others for answers, or support, or motivation at some point. Well, today is our day of celebration. Let us all take the time to express our thanks to the family, the friends, staff, and fellow students who helped us reach this end.

Jesse Bethke Gomez

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause expressing our heart-most felt congratulations to these graduates. A round of applause. Congratulations.


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