Accommodations Policy

The mission of Rasmussen College in disability services is to create an accessible college community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of the educational experience. Rasmussen College recognizes its obligation under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and commits to the success of its students and faculty by prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability and requiring reasonable accommodations to qualified disabled students in all programs and activities.

Students with disabilities do not have to self-disclose or register with the Campus Accommodations Coordinator, although the College encourages them to do so. Students seeking academic accommodations or adjustments must contact the Campus Accommodations Coordinator to request such services. Students who are unsure who to contact should check with their Academic Dean or Campus Director.

Disability Accommodations:  Grievance Procedure

If a student believes that Rasmussen College has inadequately applied the principles and/or regulations of Section 503 of the ADA, or believes he or she had been discriminated against on the basis of a disability, the person may file a grievance.  A grievance may be filed at any time.

  • The student should first meet with the Campus Accommodations Coordinator (CAC) and outline the grievance.  If the grievance is against the CAC, the student should meet with the Academic Dean or Campus Director.
  • The CAC (or Academic Dean/Campus Director) will work with the student and accept the written grievance on behalf of Rasmussen College.  The grievance will be submitted to the Rasmussen Accommodations Committee for review and decision.
  • The decision of the Rasmussen Accommodations Committee will be delivered to the CAC (or Academic Dean/Campus Director), who will meet with the student and explain the decision of the committee and any options given.
  • If the student wishes to appeal the decision of the Rasmussen Accommodations Committee, a written appeal should be submitted to the CAC (or Academic Dean/Campus Director).
  • The CAC (Academic Dean/Campus Director) will submit the appeal to Kristi Waite, College President, via the Rasmussen Legal Department. The College President’s decision will be final and may not be appealed further.