Congratulations Class of 2011!

Graduation Video

Watch this video and celebrate the accomplishments of all the Rasmussen College graduates!

With more than 200 graduates participating in this year's virtual graduation, we have students graduating from the School of Health Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, School of Justice Studies, School of Nursing and School of Technology and Design.

School of Health Sciences and Nursing

Congratulations School of Health Sciences and Nursing Graduates!

Rasmussen College School of Health Sciences and Nursing graduates have the skills to be a part of the large team required to deliver high quality patient care and keep healthcare facilities running smoothly.

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School of Business

Congratulations School of Business Graduates!

Rasmussen College School of Business graduates are global thinkers with sound business judgment. They have a deep understanding of best practices and have the skills necessary for success in the ever changing business world.

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School of Justice Studies

Congratulations School of Justice Studies Graduates!

Rasmussen College School of Justice Studies graduates are trained in many aspects of the legal process. They have the skills necessary to successfully navigate the legal system in a wide range of careers.

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School of Education

Congratulations School of Education Graduates!

Rasmussen College School of Education graduates have the skills necessary to be successful in the early childhood field. They understand developmentally appropriate practices and how to effectively manage a classroom.

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School of Technology & Design

Congratulations School of Technology & Design Graduates!

Rasmussen College School of Technology and Design graduates are prepared to take on the growing IT, web, and creative industries. With the knowledge they obtained, graduates will help shape and mold the evolving future of these fields.

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Thank You Graduates!

Rasmussen College faculty and staff would like to thank its Summer 2011 graduates. We hope you enjoyed your time at Rasmussen as much as we enjoyed working with you. Please keep in touch with us as you continue on your journey as alumni. Come back often and share your success story with us, we'd love to hear from you!

President's Address

Kristi Waite, College President Congratulates the 2011 Graduating Class

Kristi WaiteToday is a day that you will never forget.  Today is the day you graduate from college.

It’s been quite a journey for every one of you.  So many years, so many challenges, and so many achievements have led you to this day. 

But, do you remember your first day of school?  Your first day of kindergarten.  When you packed up your backpack for the first time, when you walked to the bus stop—giddy with first-day-of-school jitters, or when you first met your teacher and the kids in your class?  You probably weren’t exactly sure what to expect.  And although you may not have recognized it at the time, your life was a blank slate ready to be filled by you.  You didn’t know where your path would lead, but you knew that you were starting an adventure saturated with excitement and anticipation; perhaps a bit nerve racking at times, but altogether full of limitless possibilities.  It was a new beginning—a new world. 

Today is a similar day.  Today, each and every one of you is entering a new world.  You are no longer the person you were yesterday because today, you are a college graduate.  Today, your slate has once again been wiped clean, and your world is once again filled with limitless possibilities—possibilities that you have earned.

You have a new path before you, and you can choose where you want your path to take you.  As a college graduate, you have instantly set yourself apart from the crowd.  You have worked, sweated, stressed, and then worked, sweated, and stressed some more to ensure that you rise above the competition.  Your drive to achieve, your passion for your education, and your commitment to bettering your life has led you here today.  And it will help guide you to career success tomorrow.

Today is not a stopping point.  Today is the start of a new career path, a new life, and a new you.  You must never forget that with your drive, with your passion, and with your commitment, you can continue your success and your achievements throughout your career and throughout your life. 

There will be nothing put before you that you cannot prepare yourself to tackle head-on.  You have proven that you can achieve what you may have once thought was unachievable.  You have proven that you can turn possibility into reality.

So, as you once again take the first steps into your new world, don’t shy away from what may at first seem impossible.  Continue to make possibility a reality.  It is time to once again fill your slate.