Congratulations Class of 2010!

School of Business

Congratulations to our 183 September and 204 December School of Business graduates! 

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View 2010 graduate profiles below:

Bettina Ward - Business Management - Human Resources - Associate's

Bettina Ward graduated from Remington College with a certification in Medical Coding and Billing. She wanted to further her education and career which led her to attend Rasmussen College. Her goal is to become and organization psychologist and receiving her Associate's Degree in Human Resources Management is the first goal in her educational journey.

Cory Goodwin - Business Administration - Management - Bachelor's

Cory Goodwin is the father of four wonderful children. He is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. Cory currently resides in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and plans to use the knowledge gained at Rasmussen to further his goal of becoming an ultra rich and successful business owner.

David Paul Storch - Accounting - Financial Accounting - Associate's

David would like to especially thank his wife, Amy, without whom this journey would not have been possible. He began his journey at Rasmussen in 2008. David is extremely proud of his and his wife's success, as well as, the support of friends and family. David's desire to excel has inspired others in his life to return to school.

Emily Norwood - Business Management - Child Development - Associate's

Emily enrolled in Rasmussen College in July 2008. Emily wants to thank her family, friends, and coworkers for supporting and encouraging her. She has always loved children and always has wanted to have her very own home childcare center.

Khouloud Khouzouz - Healthcare Management - Bachelor's

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management program at Rasmussen College, Khouloud would like to especially thank the Rasmussen College faculty and staff, family and friends for their patience and support during this most rewarding, as well as, educational experience. Khouloud recommends this program in the highest category to those who have a passion for making a positive difference in a health care organization. Post graduation, Khouloud would like to pursue a Graduate Degree pertaining to Healthcare Law.

Kim McNulty-Kramer - Business Management - Call Center Management - Associate's

Kim would like to thank her parents Jon and Barb McNulty, her son Kevin Kramer, and friends for all of their support and encouragement while obtaining her degree. The Rasmussen staff and her instructors have given Kim the tools to help further her career at Humana, Inc.

Miranda Mitchell - Business Management - Child Development - Associate's

Miranda had so much fun at Rasmussen College. The classes were very small and the instructors were very helpful and understanding. Miranda enjoyed doing the assignments. The assignments helped her understand a lot about her career. Even thought the tests were open book, she thought that they were very challenging, but she still made a passing grade. There were time when she wanted to give up, but she had motivators in her life. Miranda would like to thank her family, instructors, and the whole Rasmussen College staff for helping her through her education experiences. She really appreciates it. Miranda's future plans are to open her own Family Playroom and create her own business websites on the internet.

Shekeila Williams - Business Management - Child Development - Associate's

Shekeila would first like to thank God for giving her the patience and self-discipline to complete her program. She also wants to thank her husband Cliff for being by her side from start to finish. Shekeila wants to recognize family and friends who were there to encourage her to further her education. Shekeila is graduating with an Associate's Degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Child Development. Since completing her Associate's degree in September 2010, she has enrolled in the Bachelor's program to gain extended knowledge in her profession. She wants to also thank Jennifer, Dixon, Nicole, and all her other support from the school. Shekeila would like to thank all of her teachers here at Rasmussen College. She couldn't have completed this program without their assistance. Thanks a lot Rasmussen College Online!

Sherry Johnson - Business Management - Child Development - Associate's

Sherry would like to thank her husband and sister for their support in achieving her Associate's Degree in Business Management. It has been a great achievement and surprise to Sherry that graduation has come and the degree is waiting for her. Rasmussen supplied the education needs and benefits for this success. Sherry will continue her education and later open a Day care facility of her own. Congratulations!!

Tanya Donald - Business Management - Child Development - Associate's

Tanya Donald is a very proud graduate of Rasmussen College. She received her Associate's degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Child Development. She will be opening her own daycare and preschool later this year. She would like to thank her loving parents, sister, two children and husband of ten years for all their support.

Timothy Renfrow - Business Management - Business Administration - Associate's

At this time, Timothy would like to thank all Rasmussen faculty, family and friends that have helped and supported him through his journey. He also hopes that all graduates have success in their future endeavors.

Tiwania Talley - Business Management - Business Administration - Associate's

Tiwania would like to thank God for giving her the opportunity to go back to school and receive a degree while continuing to take care of family life. Tiwania would like to thank her husband, Antonio, and her three children, Elijiah, Zakikyah, and NyAsiah for giving her the courage and support to return to school. Remember children, you are never too old to go to school. Tiwania loves her children very much and her future plans are to open her own business.

Tracey Harrison - Accounting - Financial Accounting - Associate's

Tracey would like to thank her family and friends for all of their support over the last few years. Without them she could have never have realized her goal of graduating with and Associate's Degree in Accounting. Tracey has already re-enrolled with Rasmussen College Online to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Financial Accounting and welcomes her family's continued support while she continues her education. Upon graduation, Tracey hopes to someday realize her goal of working for the IRS.