Congratulations Class of 2010!

School of Education

Congratulations to our 17 September and 34 December School of Education graduates! 

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View 2010 graduate profiles below:

Brittany Griggers - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Brittany, would like to thank Rasmussen for time spent here and the education she received. She is now going to continue her education at Walden University, where she intends to pursue her Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Studies with a concentration of Child Development. She eventually plans to get her Master's in Sports Medicine and enjoy her life with her husband Christopher Griggers who serves in the United States Navy. She would like to thank him along with her parents, Tina and Bill Frey, who have supported her throughout the years.

Camille Matters - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

There are so many people Camille would like to thank in a short amount of time, so all she have to say is you know who you are. Camille will be graduating with her Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education and plans on continuing her education to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.

Karen Conyers - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Karen is receiving her Associate's degree after working a full time job, teaching 4 year old Kindergarten and raising three children ages 6, 3 and 2. She would like to thank her husband and her family for being supportive of her working to achieve her goals. Most of all, she thanks the Lord Jesus Christ for giving her the strength and keeping her in her right mind to continue this monumental feat.

Natasha L. Fair - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Tameekia Jones - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

First, and far most, Tameekia must thank the Lord above for proving her a way to accomplish this goal in her life. She would like to thank her mother and family for standing by her through this transition. She would also like to thank the staff that she encountered here at Rasmussen, who would not allow her to give up. Thank you to everyone else that she may have missed.

Valerie Murdock - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Valerie would like to thank her three children; Jamie, Jennifer and Jessica because they are the reason that she went back to school in the first place. She wants them to know that they are her world. Along with her children she would like to thank the great staff and instructors at Rasmussen for all their support and assistance. Without them she would not have made it here today. There are so many other people out there she wants to thank, but they know who they are already without me naming them all. Valierie love you all and thanks you for everything up to this point and for what is yet to come.