Congratulations Class of 2010!

School of Health Sciences and Nursing

Congratulations to our 197 September and 210 December School of Health Sciences graduates!  

Congratulations to our 99 September and 89 December School of Nursing graduates!  

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View 2010 graduate profiles below:

Amy Storch - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Amy and her husband are both students at Rasmussen. Amy and David have worked really hard at Rasmussen to maintain high grades but they had each other's support to make it through. Amy is so thankful for her husband's support! Amy really enjoyed the Rasmussen experience and the support provided to keep her motivation to also achieve her success. Amy is so proud of her accomplishments and achieving her goal of obtaining her Associate Degree!

Angelica Ward - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Angelica resides in Clarksville, TN. She is a graduate from the Health Information Technology program with a concentration in Medical Billing and Coding. She believes in hard work dedication. Through her strong faith in God, she believes all things are possible.

Candace Whited - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Candi started college in 2007 to obtain her Associate's degree in Health Information Technology. She plans to obtain her RHIT certification from AHIMA upon graduation. She is happy to have accomplished this diploma and move on to the next phase of her life.

Cassanadra Poulsen - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Cassandra would first like to thank her family for all their encouragement and guidance. Her experience here at Rasmussen has given her the chance to reach one of her many goals in life.

Heather Whitley - Medical Administration - Associate's

Heather is receiving her Associate's degree in Medical Administration. She would like to thank her family for all of their love and support. Most of all, she would like to thank her mom for all of her help throughout this process.

Heidi Nelson - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Heidi recently started working in her field that she went to school for and will continue working in this field. She would like to thank her daughter, Breanna Nelson, Tina Reynoso, Elizabeth Lintelman and Erin Lasley for all their support and encouragement.

Nadeen Nelson - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Nadeen would like to thank God first along with her family and friends for all the encouragement and support received during the last 2 years. Nadeen will be graduating with an Associate's Degree as a Health Information Technician. The next step for Nadeen is to sit for the national certification exam leading to a credential as a Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT). A lucrative and rewarding career as a Health Professional is the future for Nadeen.

Pamela Scotland - Medical Administration - Associate's

Pamela would like to thank her family and friends especially her husband (Glenn) and her sons Martinez, Joshua, and her grandson, Bishop, for believing in her. She thanks them for the encouragement this past year. Without their help and understanding she would have not made it this far. She just wants to say thank you. She has graduated with her Associate's degree in Medical Administration. She hopes to move to Georgia and work at Gwinnett Medical Center to begin her career. Her goal is to open a medical school to help people further their education.

Rachel Crawford - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Rachel wants to thank her friends and family for the encouragement and support given as she completed her Associate's Degree in Health Information Technology. Next on the agenda for Rachel is taking the exam offered by AHIMA to receive her Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) credentials.

Shiela Overstreet - Office Management-Medical - Associate's

Shiela's experience with Rasmussen College Online Classes was fantastic. The staff and instructors were awesome. Sheila plans to be the best that she can be in the field that she has studied so hard in. Sheila would like to thank her husband and children for their support

Tamara Johnson - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Tamara would like to thank her husband and three children for their support. She plans to work as a Medical Coder at a local hospital and eventually become a Remote Coder. She also plans on returning to Rasmussen in January to pursue her Bachelor's of Science degree.

Theresa M. O'Neil - Health Information Technology - Associate's

Theresa would like to thank Rasmussen College for taking the time and opportunity in inspiring her to go back to school to further her education and for her to receive her Health Information Technology degree online as this has made her life much easier for her to go to school online and still be able to work. Theresa hopes to use her education and diploma to further her job opportunities. Thank you.

Tracy Jones - Medical Administration - Associate's

Tracy completed her AAS degree in Medical Administration. She has been a Medical Transcriptionist for 12 years, and this degree will provide her with options to expand her career within the Allied Health field. She would like to thank her family for their sacrifices and support while she attended school.