Congratulations Class of 2010!

School of Justice Studies

Congratulations to our 86 September and 128 December School of Justice Studies graduates!

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Amanda Zaver - Paralegal - Associate's

Amanda began Rasmussen College in the fall of 2007, with dreams of becoming a Paralegal. Through her hard work and dedication, she accomplished this dream, while overcoming many obstacles. Amanda would like to thank all who believed in her; especially her children, who gave her the strength to never give up and always look towards a brighter future...To Jaden, Alexa, Bryce & Shayne...this is for you!!! Amanda is currently enrolled at Rasmussen College pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with an emphasis on human resources.

Anna Marie Roman - Paralegal - Associate's

Derrick Westmoreland - Criminal Justice - Investigation/Law Enforcement - Bachelor's

Derrick would like to thank his family, friends, and faculty of Rasmussen. Derrick has been a student at Rasmussen since 2006. He has received numerous awards from the Dean's List and Honors Awards. Derrick has completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan this past year but continued to pursue his degree in a war torn country. Derrick's future plan is to begin grad school for the New Year and continue to mentor those who may need it. He would like to thank everyone in his quest of education. Derrick would like to send a shout out to his fellow brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces.

Lorie DeAnn Peterman - Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Investigation - Associate's

Lorie Peterman is from El Reno, Oklahoma. Lorie has two sons, two grandchildren, with one on the way and her significant other, David. Lorie enjoys spending and devoting her free time to her family. Lorie works for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and looks forward to moving up in the department to make a difference in the criminal justice field. Today, Lorie has achieved another one of her greatest goals in life. After being pulled from school in the eighth grade, Lorie went after her GED at the age of 18. At the age of 37, Lorie set another goal. This time going after her Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice-Crime Scene Investigation and has received a 3.75 GPA. Lorie would like to thank Rasmussen for their dedication in helping her achieve these goals.

Rusty King - Paralegal - Associate's

Rusty would like to thank her soon-to-be husband Richard for his complete encouragement and support while she was going to school, plus helping her in every way possible so she could graduate. Especially, being there for her in every way that it counts. Rusty would also like to thank her mom for her continued encouragement for her schooling. Rusty would also like to thank her children for letting her do homework and for being supportive. Rusty graduated with an Associate's Degree as a Paralegal.