What does our accreditation mean to you?


The foremost purpose of the accreditation process is to ensure the quality of the education provided by public and private colleges. An educational institution that has received accreditation such as ours can provide students:

  • A Quality Education: Accreditation status indicates that a college, university, institution or program meets the standards of quality set by the accreditation organization, in terms of faculty, curriculum, administration, libraries, financial well-being and student services.
  • Financial Aid Opportunities: Students are only able to obtain federal financial assistance if the institution they are attending has achieved appropriate accreditation status from an accreditation organization recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE).
  • Ability to Transfer Credits: At some point in their education, some students want to transfer to a new college or university to avoid repeating similar courses and spending unnecessary time and money. Accreditation is an important factor when a college or university is deciding whether to accept transfer credits from a student's previous school. Most colleges and universities will not accept transferred course credits from an institution that has not earned appropriate accreditation status from an accreditation organization.
  • A Promising Professional Future: Employers prefer job applicants who have received their education from a college or university with the appropriate accreditation status. Many employers also look for employees that have been educated at an appropriately accredited institution when making decisions about business promotions, company advancements and whether to provide tuition coverage or assistance for employees interested in furthering their education.