91 of the Best Twitter Accounts for Designers to Follow

91 best twitter accounts for designers

Whether you’re wanting to just dip your toes into the waters of design, or you’re preparing for a long and storied career in the design industry, it’s a good idea to have a convenient directory of resources and inspiration to turn to in times of need.

We’ve compiled a list of 91 of the best Twitter accounts for designers. These accounts make up the Who’s Who in the world of design, offering everything from tips and tutorials, to creative inspiration, to a quick glimpse of a day in the life of a graphic or web designer.

We crafted a short bio for each member on our list to give you a feel for why we included them and what kind of tweets you can expect from them.

We also created a Twitter list that has been pre-populated with each user account. Follow the link and click on \'Subscribe\' to keep tabs on all 91 Twitter users.

You’ll notice we also organized the list into nine categories, making them easier to navigate. Simply click on a category listed below, and it will take you to the appropriate spot in the list. Alternatively, if you find yourself caught up in a social media frenzy, feel free to scroll through them all.


  1. Graphic Design Professionals
  2. Graphic Design Blogs
  3. Web Design Professionals
  4. Web Design Blogs
  5. Design Publications
  6. Resources for Freelancers
  7. Free Design Tutorials
  8. Typography and Fonts
  9. Design Inspiration


1. Tina Roth Eisenberg @swissmiss (343,074 followers)

A Swiss designer gone NYC, Eisenberg shares the interesting perspective of a designer straddling two cultures. Her tweets share enlightening information and inspiration, as does her personal blog.

2. Jacob Cass @justcreative (57,991 followers)

Cass is a graphic designer in New York City who founded JUST Creative, a website featuring free graphic design tips, articles and resources. His tweets feature similar information, peppered with a dash of personal commentary about his day-to-day activities.

Interesting work day... visited Nintendo headquarters, designed a pirate website and had a whiskey taste test session.

— Jacob Cass (@justcreative) February 7, 2013

3. Graham ‘Logo’ Smith @imjustcreative (42,579 followers)

Smith is a self-proclaimed “logo pioneer” in England and his tweets reflect his expertise. His comments also reveal his love for dogs. You can view his logo portfolio on his personal blog.

4. David Airey @DavidAirey (37,744 followers)

Airey is an Irish graphic designer who specializes in designing brand identities for clients around the world. Not only does he tweet his own helpful insights, he frequently re-tweets thoughts and articles from other top-tier designers.

5. Antonio Carusone @Aisleone (20,917 followers)

Carusone is a graphic designer from Queens, NY. He manages Aisle One, a website ‘focused on typography, grid systems, minimalism and modernism. His tweets are both informational and inspirational, making him a great resource for aspiring designers.

6. Debbie Millman @debbiemillman (20,397 followers)

Debbie Millman is a brand consultant who hosts Design Matters, an internet podcast which profiles designers of all sorts. The New York City resident tweets about everything from design tidbits, to books, to music and pop culture.

7. Franz Jeitz @fudgegraphics (13,068)

Jeitz is a London-based freelance graphic designer and blogger at Fudgegraphics. Similar to his blog, his twitter feed is full of freebies, tutorials and inspiration for design lovers.

8. Chad Engle @chadengle (9,018 followers)

Engle is a graphic designer from South Carolina and always shares his random thoughts, making for an entertaining twitter feed. He’s a food fanatic who loves boating and boasts a variety of design talents.

Theory: Airport boredom accounts for 67.2% of electronic device use.

— Chad Engle (@chadengle) February 10, 2013

9. Stephanie Malone @smalonedesign (4,824 followers)

This graphic designer from Texas compliments her design knowledge with a passion for fashion, movies and fitness. Her personable tweets make it easy for her followers to relate.

10. Jim Dempsey @thegraphicmac (3,878 followers)

Hailing from Arizona, Dempsey is the owner/author of TheGraphicMac.com, a site dedicated to providing graphic design tips and tricks, software reviews and other helpful resources. His tweets include useful tidbits, along with his thoughts on everyday life.


1. The Dieline @TheDieline (39,115 followers)

The Dieline is a website devoted to package design. With such a focused niche, it’s safe to say this is the best collection of unique package designs you’ll find anywhere on the internet. So if you’re passionate about packaging—it would be foolish not to follow this Twitter account.

2. Design Instruct @designinstruct (26,265 followers)

Design Instruct is “a site that publishes articles, tutorials, freebies and news for designers.” The blog is a collaboration between multiple experienced professionals, providing its followers with a wide array of information and opinions.

3. You The Designer @youthedesigner (26,040 followers)

YouTheDesigner.com is a creative hub for flourishing designers and seasoned professionals alike. Graphic designers of all experience-levels can find something to inspire them on this all-inclusive blog.

4. Creative Bloq @CreativeBloq (20,200 followers)

CreativeBloq.com is a perfect way to get your daily dose of design tips and inspiration. While following this account, you’ll come across tutorials, product reviews, free downloads, and news throughout the world of design.

Create the perfect design process - we explain how to get ideas from conception to completion: t.co/vmgE6RV3

— Creative Bloq (@CreativeBloq) February 10, 2013

5. Graphic Design Blog @graphixdesign (12,064 followers)

The people behind GraphicDesignBlog aim to hold open conversation regarding the latest trends in the graphic industry. By following Graphic Design Blog, you are inviting a variety of tweets highlighting portfolios, freebies and educational tips.

6. Creative Overflow @creativeoverflow (9,010 followers)

Creative Overflow is a platform for graphic design professionals to develop their creativity. Their Twitter feed provides a great diversity of articles from the top design resources on the web.

7. Graphic Design Junction @graphicdesignju (7,214 followers)

Graphic Design Junction is a great resource for designers looking for ideas on fonts, icons, logos, photography, typography, vector graphics, wallpapers and WordPress themes. If you are looking for a Twitter feed that runs the gamut of design assets—this is a great choice!

8. Crazy Leaf Design @crazyleaf (6,491 followers)

Crazy Leaf Design is a graphic design blog which serves as a great aid for designers everywhere. The bulk of their tweets are devoted to providing freebies for followers, offering vector art, Photoshop textures and WordPress themes.

9. Graphic Design @AtGraphicDesign (5,188 followers)

GraphicDesign.com is a blog featuring articles on everything from graphic design degrees, to job information, to modern industry trends. Their Twitter feed is a great way to stay up-to-date on new posts, as well as other resources for designers.

10. Rahat Bashar @weeklydesign (3,471 followers)

Bashar is a young graphic designer who recently launched WeeklyDesignGrind.com. In his tweets, he shares his blog posts along with beneficial information from other designers, making him a great asset to other aspiring creative minds.

99 Motivational Quotes to Inspire Designers su.pr/6V3SFk

— Rahat Bashar (@weeklydesign) February 7, 2013


1. Jason Santa Maria @jasonsantamaria (314,389 followers)

Another Brooklyn resident, Santa Maria provides a wide array of insight about various design topics. From those just getting started to experienced veterans, his tweets will enlighten designers of all varieties.

2. Jeffrey Zeldman @zeldman (300,992 followers)

Zeldman was dubbed ‘king of web standards’ by Business Week, making him an obvious addition to your twitter list. His accomplishments in design, publishing and writing suggest he’d better be on your radar.

In design, communicating is executing.

— Jeffrey Zeldman (@zeldman) February 8, 2013

3. Chris Spooner @chrisspooner (64,592 followers)

Spooner is a well-known name in the world of web design who boasts an impressive portfolio of websites. His helpful tutorials and other creative treats leave his followers educated and inspired.

4. Luke Wroblewski @lukew (51,347 followers)

Tweeting from Silicon Valley, Calif., Wroblewski calls himself a ‘digital product design and strategy guy.’ He has designed or contributed to software used by more than 750 million people worldwide, making him a must-follow account for industry hopefuls.

5. Mike Lane @mlane (34,919 followers)

Lane is a Senior UX Designer in Minneapolis, Minn. His 15 years of experience have given him an innate familiarity with all things web design—all of which he shares with his Twitter followers.

6. Brian Hoff @behoff (34,377 followers)

Hoff is a web designer in Brooklyn, NY who has made a name for himself in the web design industry. His design company vows to ‘reshape, rethink and redefine digital experiences’, and his tweets echo the same mission statement.

7. Snook @snookca (32,280 followers)

This Canadian creative writes and speaks on the subject of web development and design. His tweets about tips, tricks and bookmarks on these topics are casually interrupted by lighthearted commentary on his everyday life or what he had for lunch that day.

Sidetracked with trip to store for chips and Coke. My programming fuel. Back to work now. #projectevening

— Snook (@snookca) February 10, 2013

8. Sarah Parmenter @sazzy (29,806 followers)

Who says men get to have all the web design fun? Parmenter is an English UI Designer for the web, iPhone and iPad. Her tweets reflect her specialization, as well as her love of all things Apple.

9. Meagan Fisher @owltastic (19,173 followers)

Fisher is a happy-go-lucky web designer from New York whose playful tweets are a breath of fresh air. Her youthful approach to web design is a great ingredient to include your twitter feed.

10. Grace Smith @gracesmith (18,794 followers)

Smith is a web design diva from Northern Ireland who has a passion for writing. She uses that passion to contribute to many prominent web sites, sharing her experience and ideas with other hopeful web designers.

11. Visual Idiot @idiot (15,981 followers)

Don’t let the name fool you, because this “idiot” knows quite a bit about web design and development. Follow him for tip and tricks on front and back end design.


1. Site Point @sitepointdotcom (102,572 followers)

SitePoint.com is an online resource for web designers and developers. By following Site Point, you can expand your knowledge on PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more.

2. Design-Newz @DesignNewz (90,434 followers)

Design-Newz features hand-picked articles and tools to benefit web designers and developers. Their tweets touch on a wide array of topics to enlighten their followers on a daily basis.  

42 Killer HTML5 Premium Website Themes Collection bit.ly/X0xASp

— Design-Newz (@DesignNewz) February 10, 2013

3. Six Revisions @sixrevisions (63,328 followers)

SixRevisions.com is a blog committed to equipping individuals with practical and useful articles about web design and development. Their tweets cover the spectrum from tips and tricks to informative articles from their own blog and other credible web sources. 

4. Vandelay Design @VandelayDesign (47,838 followers)

Vandelay Design specializes in website design and offers its readers a variety of helpful resources all in one place. Their frequently published articles offer education and encouragement to those passionate about web design.

5. Desizn Tech @DesiznTech (26,605 followers)

Desizn Tech is a website for web designers and tech-savvy folks. It’s a great platform for showcasing creative work, providing educational info and offering freebies and other resources.

6. Top Design Mag @topdesignmag (20,070 followers)

TopDesignMag.com is a website focused on sharing web design and digital content. Their tweets consist of a mixture of design and development information as well as news and trends throughout the industry.

40 Beautifully Designed Websites Made Using The Latest CSS3 Techniques http://t.co/dvxhbMLb

— topdesignmag (@topdesignmag) February 8, 2013

7. Web Design Fan @webdesignfan (19,195 followers)

As its name suggests, this Twitter account caters to fans of web design. Web Design Fan is a blog that emphasizes all sorts of resources for designers and developers alike. Tweet content varies, but focuses mainly on coding, website inspiration and design tools and tutorials.

8. Pearsonified @pearsonified (17,142 followers)

Chris Pearson, founder of Pearsonified.com, is a website builder who is fixated on finding more efficient ways to do things. This fixation is reflected in his posts, which offer tips and tricks to others interested in web design. He tweets about whatever he’s thinking, which allow his personality and experience to shine through.

9. Web Design Mash @WebDesignMash (11,896 followers)

The creative director of Web Design Mash manages this Twitter account, aiming to supply followers with a daily source of inspiration. Tweets include tidbits about everything from design and branding to photograph and art, keeping followers on their toes.

10. Bloom Web Design @BloomWebDesign (3,119 followers)

Bloom Web Design blogs daily about inspirations, tutorials and freebies, making them a great resource for designers of all specialties. Their Twitter feed is jam-packed with free downloads and great examples to inspire creative professionals.


1. Smashing Magazine @smashingmag (670,186 followers)

Smashing Magazine has become a household name for web designers and developers, offering resources, advice, inspiration, job postings and entertainment to its audience on a daily basis. With nearly 700,000 advocates, it’s hard to find a solid reason to not follow Smashing Magazine.

Very useful: Faster Websites: Crash Course on Web Performance (PDF slides) - bit.ly/11xjQVN

— Smashing Magazine (@smashingmag) February 4, 2013

2. Print Magazine @printmag (516,911 followers)

Print Magazine is committed to equipping its readers with the latest information on graphic design, technology and culture. Its Twitter feed is swamped with news specific to these topics and their relationship to one another.

3. Eye Magazine @eyemagazine (513,979 followers)

Eye Magazine is a quarterly journal that focuses on graphic design. The so-called ‘international review of graphic design’ appeals to professional designers, students and anyone interested in critical, informed writing about design and visual culture.

4. Designmodo @designmodo (203,097 followers)

Designmodo is a design and web development magazine that aims to provide its readers with premium products and quality freebies related to design and development. Their Twitter feed is constantly updated with helpful how-to’s for those itching to learn new things.

5. Computer Arts @ComputerArts (107,283 followers)

Computer Arts Magazine is ‘the essential read for the modern designer,’ offering their readers inspiration and guidance in graphic design, illustration and motion and digital creativity.

6. UX Magazine @uxmag (47,674 followers)

UX Magazine strives to define and inform the complex world of user experience (UX) by providing a steady stream of current and credible information. The highly technical information is presented in a simplified way that welcomes experts and newcomers alike.

7. .Net Mag @netmag (40,426 followers)

.Net is the world’s bestselling magazine for web designers and developers. Their tweets offer insight on topics such as CSS, PHP, Flash, JavaScript, web graphics and more.

10 tips for secure development netm.ag/TLOs3L

— netmag (@netmag) February 7, 2013

8. Web Designer Mag @WebDesignerMag (23,753 followers)

Web Designer is a monthly magazine for online creatives that aims to stay at the cutting edge of web design. Their tweets cover all the latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress and mobile apps.

9. Photoshop Creative Magazine @PshopCreative (17,519 followers)

Photoshop Creative is a magazine focused exclusively on providing their audience with in-depth, step-by-step tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This is a must-follow Twitter account for passionate Photoshop users.

10. Splashnology @Splashnology (13,178 followers)

Splashnology is a magazine dedicated to modern tendencies in web design and development. Their tweets showcase some of the best and most innovative trends in web design, while keeping their followers up-to-date with the latest web technology.


1. Talenthouse @talenthouse (105,811 followers)

Talenthouse is a global platform for creative collaboration, providing artists with opportunities for recognition, collaboration and compensation. The site serves as a great stepping stone for those eager to advance their careers. You’ll be especially interested in their section devoted to art and design.

2. 99 Designs @99designs (68,715 followers)

99Designs is platform where clients go to solicit creative collateral from freelance designers. Their Twitter feed is constantly updated with new requests, giving freelancers the freedom to pick and choose what suits them.

3. Freelance Switch @FreelanceSw (42,998 followers)

Freelance Switch is a site for freelancers of all experience levels, serving as a meeting place for clients and freelancers. A large portion of their tweets feature unique content which offers encouragement and advice for freelance designers.

☆ 10 Fundamentals of Good Freelancer Blog Posts enva.to/XRWvJ4

— FreelanceSwitch (@FreelanceSw) February 7, 2013

4. Creativefolks.net @Creativefolknet (26, 421 followers)

Creativefolks.net is a creative marketplace where individuals can buy or sell creative services from $5-1,000. Freelance designers can utilize this tool to commission work and earn some extra cash. Their Twitter feed is constantly updated with the most recent posts from their website.

5. Freelance Folder @FreelanceFolder (26,041 followers)

Freelance Folder is a community for freelancers and web-workers, granting them access to an assortment of articles for designers starting and maintaining a freelance business. Their tweets offer help related to client issues, time management and creative exercises.

6. Heath Howard @nattyman512 (16,965 followers)

Howard seeks to help web designers and developers find success in their freelance, independent or home-based businesses. His website and Twitter feed are both full of tips and training to help beginners grow their freelance businesses.

7. Bigstock @Bigstock (14,303 followers)

Bigstock provides creative inspiration and royalty-free stock imagery to their followers. They are a great asset for freelancers seeking high quality images for their designs. Their Twitter feed also includes advice, instruction and support for self-employed designers.

8. crowdSPRING @crowdSPRING (13,599 followers)

Crowd Spring is a prominent marketplace for logos, graphic design, industrial design and copywriting. Their Twitter followers can expect frequent tweets highlighting the many requests for design talents.

9. Get A Freelance @Get_A_Freelance (6,826 followers)

Get A Freelance assists clients in finding highly skilled freelance programmers, web designer and copywriters. Their Twitter feed acts as a virtual bulletin board for job postings, making them a great resource for freelancers. 

10. Graphic Design Blender @designblender (6,039 followers)

Graphic Design Blender is a website concentrated specifically on freelance graphic and web designers. The site plays host to articles and interviews from a variety of contributors regarding business tips, client advice and other resources for freelancers.

FRESH from the Blender -> 8 Vital financial terms all freelance designers should know bit.ly/12t9SVC

— GraphicDesignBlender (@designblender) February 6, 2013


1. Net Tuts+ @nettuts (63,382 followers)

Net Tuts+ is a website aiming to assist web developers in expanding their skills and knowledge. Followers are constantly alerted about free articles, tutorials and videos covering HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

2. Psd Tuts+ @psdtuts (57,641 followers)

Psd Tuts+ is a growing community for Photoshop users to expand their knowledge and talent. Followers are constantly alerted about free articles, tutorials and videos to help them keep their skills sharp.

3. Creative Nerds @creativenerds (45,733 followers)

 Creative Nerds is a blog that boasts a multitude of tips, tutorials and free downloads for designers. Their informational tweets help arm their followers with numerous design skills to help them increase their productivity.

4. Designrfix @Designrfix (39,380 followers)

Designrfix is a website run by “design junkies” who strive to evolve the art of design through the exchange of technique and inspiration. They supply their followers with daily tips and tools to constantly improve their craft.

Quick Tip: Access the Hidden Photographic Toning Gradients in Photoshop CS6 bit.ly/11uE180

— Designrfix (@Designrfix) February 8, 2013

5. Tutorialzine @Tutorialzine (18,702 followers)

Tutorialzine is a website devoted to web development tutorials and resources. Their tweets are crafted specifically for developers, offering exclusive advice and support for their followers.

6. Julieanne Kost @julieannekost (17,041 followers)

Kost is the “principal Photoshop and Lightroom evangelist” at Adobe. She maintains a blog to provide her readers with in-depth tutorials and shortcuts for working with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

7. jQuery How To @jQueryHowto (15,339 followers)

As its name implies, jQuery How To offers its followers helpful jQuery hacks as well as JavaScript tips. They also invite their followers to ask questions, providing them with accurate and timely responses.

8. Greg Sidelnikov @gregsidelnikov (11,804 followers)

Sidelnikov has been writing his own computer tutorials since 2004. His expertise is obvious through his consistent tweets featuring JavaScript and jQuery tutorials.

9. Smashing Hub @smashinghub (9,673 followers)

Smashing Hub is a website that harbors free resources for photographers, designers and web developers. They will regularly contribute helpful information to your Twitter feed, allowing you to continue learning new design techniques.

30 Awesome #HTML5 Tutorials and Techniques t.co/1ShWGvx9

— Smashing Hub (@smashinghub) February 8, 2013

10. InDesign Secrets @indesignsecrets (6,502 followers)

InDesign Secrets is an independent resource for all things Adobe InDesign. As suggested by its name, this account tweets a variety of tips and tutorials to help equip their followers with everything they need to know to become an InDesign whiz.


1. Fonts 2 U @fonts2u (44,027 followers)

Fonts 2 U boasts a huge selection of free fonts for designers. If you’re stuck looking for just the right font for your project, this is a great option. They tweet out multiple fonts daily, making it easy for you to enhance your font collection.

2. My Fonts @MyFonts (28,925 followers)

My Fonts calls themselves “the world’s largest collection of fonts and web fonts.” The moderators do an excellent job of gathering gorgeous fonts from around the world, making it easy for designers to quickly sift through and find that perfect font.

3. Font Shop @FontShop (25,183 followers)

Font Shop is a premier independent retailer for desktop, web and mobile typefaces. With more than 150,000 fonts selected by experts, this is your one-stop-shop for finding the ideal font.

4. Typotheque @typotheque (19,810 followers)

Typotheque shares their love for typography, language and design with their followers. Their tweets include education, motivation and even chances to win exclusive fonts.

5. Font Bureau @fontbureau (16,620 followers)

The Font Bureau is a digital type studio and “one of the leading foundries for typeface design.” They have design typefaces for nearly every major American publication, building them a great reputation in the world of design. Follow them for inspiration and updates on their newest fonts.

Nice to see Heron Sans & Serif in this list of the best typefaces of 2012 bit.ly/Wx6e6e Danke!

— Font Bureau (@fontbureau) January 28, 2013

6. Tiffany Wardle @typegirl (11,976 followers)

Wardle, better known on the web as Type Girl, enjoys sharing her passion for typography, design, history, family and love. Her followers get a taste of her personality through her conversations regarding fonts and design.

7. Typographic Circle @typocircle (11,832 followers)

The Typographic Circle is an organization that connects those with an interest in design and typography for a variety of monthly talks. This is a great way to network with other designers who share your love for typography and participate in high-level discussions.

8. Fonts in Use @FontsInUse (10,194 followers)

Fonts in Use is “a public archive of typography indexed by typeface, format and industry.” Their goal is to improve typographic literacy and appreciation by documenting and examining graphic design works. If you’re passionate about typography, you could spend hours perusing through their archives.

9. Okay Type @okaytype (6,999 followers)

Okay Type is a typeface design studio in Chicago run by Jackson Cavanaugh. Cavanaugh “makes fonts for other people to make awesome stuff with.” So if you enjoy making awesome stuff, his tweets are for you!

10. Web Type @WebType (3,886 followers)

Web Type strives to provide its followers with “better fonts for better websites,” making them a must-follow for web designers. They supply fonts for the highest quality online typography, which includes many fonts designed exclusively for onscreen reading.

Rejoice — Titling Gothic, David Berlow’s popular type series, is finally available for the web. bit.ly/VqZpVs

— Webtype (@Webtype) January 30, 2013


1. COLOURlovers @colourlovers (1,093,966 followers)

COLOURlovers boasts more than one million twitter followers, which instantly proves their authority in the design world. This is a community where color meets design, and their tweets constantly provide gorgeous examples of color combos and patterns to enhance your creative imagination.

2. Creative Review @CreativeReview (727,717 followers)

Creative Review provides their followers with “the best in visual culture, design, graphics, advertising, film, photography, illustration and type.” Each section is full of enlightening visual examples to provide individuals with ideas and inspiration.

3. Behance @Behance (480,322 followers)

Behance is a virtual portfolio for designers to showcase their own work and discover creative work from others. Their mission is “to empower the creative world to make ideas happen.” Follow this Twitter account to browse the work of other designers just like yourself.

4. The Cool Hunter @thecoolhunter (275,116 followers)

The Cool Hunter is a must-follow for anyone who enjoys all things hip and stylish. They roam the globe to provide their followers with the trendiest and most modern examples of everything from architecture to food. Pay special attention to their section devoted to design!

The world\'s most design savvy offices thecoolhunter.net/offices

— thecoolhunter (@thecoolhunter) February 7, 2013

5. InspirationFeed.com @Inspirationf (129,877 followers)

Inspiration Feed has one simple goal: To inspire others. Featuring articles, graphics, photography and much more, it’s a great source for aspiring designers to gain insight from others in the industry.

6. InspireFirst.com @inspirefirst (71,473 followers)

Inspire First’s slogan is “sharing inspiration with the world,” and they do so with everything from web and product design to paintings and architecture. If you believe in the power of inspiration and are seeking a reliable source of it, this is the perfect account for you to follow.

7. Design Soak @DesignSoak (61,914 followers)

Design Soak offers a large assortment of design and illustration inspiration for creative minds. Their focus is to exhibit the talents of designers around the world, allowing others to learn and grow from their work. Follow them for daily tweets providing stimulating ideas to enhance your design abilities.

8. Dribbble @dribbble (56,772 followers)

Dribbble is a public domain that allows designers to share what they’re working on and browse the work of others. It acts as a show and tell for creative professionals, allowing designers to gain inspiration from others’ work. They consistently tweet out the top images, providing followers with daily enlightenment.

9. Designspiration @Designspiration (25,627 followers)

Designspiration is a great way to discover and share design inspiration with other avid designers. The website is similar to Pinterest, allowing you to collect and organize your favorite visuals in order to revisit them when you need inspiration in the future.

10. Site Inspire @siteinspire (19,285 followers)

Site Inspire is “a showcase of the best web design today.” By highlighting invigorating examples visual and interface design, followers can expect to get some great website inspiration.

This site is insane, in a good way: Lorem Ipsum → bit.ly/WOcJoo

— siteInspire (@siteinspire) February 7, 2013

So there you have it—91 of the best Twitter accounts for designers. Within this list, you should be able to find a resource for just about any issue you come across throughout your design career.

Remember, if you’re not in the mood to scroll through and manually “follow” each of these accounts, we made it easy for you to follow all of them through a simple Twitter list.

Just click the link and you will be directed to the list. Then, simply click the Subscribe button on the top left of the page and you can revisit the list whenever you’d like.

Who knows? One day you may find yourself featured on a similar list.

Note: all follower calculations were pulled on February 8, 2013 and have likely changed since
Did we miss any? If you don’t see your favorite design-related Twitter account on this list, please let us know in the comments below!

Callie Malvik

Callie is the Content Manager at Collegis Education, overseeing blog content on behalf of Rasmussen College. She is passionate about creating quality resources that empower others to improve their lives through education.

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