Top 50 Blogs for Teachers

You are a teacher, and you know the feeling: all alone in the classroom, you want more people—adults—to collaborate, share, and discuss issues. Social media is a great way to find a large community of vocal, sympathetic teacher peers. There are thousands of education blogs out there for support that promote new teaching technologies, give a glimpse into the public policy that affects schools, offer lesson planning advice, and more. All told, blogs can help educators feel not-so-alone as they head to the classroom each morning.

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Here is a collection of the web’s top 50 blogs for teachers:

  1. This Week in Education
  2. A great blog resource from Scholastic, This Week in Education is the child of writer and former Senate education staffer Alexander Russo. He looks at the country’s education system and news on a national level, offering an all-encompassing look at education in a wired, ever-changing nation.

  3. 21st Century Collaborative
  4. The blog of a digital learning consulting business, 21st Century Collaborative looks to improve teaching and learning in the 21st century. Concentrating heavily on issues of leadership, change and inspiration, this site is great for teachers who are ready to step up and change the face of education.

  5. Teach For US
  6. Not only a blog, but a congregate blogging community, Teach for US features the voices of persons currently educating through the Teach For America program. It’s an exceptional resource for those involved, those who are considering applying, and those that are simply curious about the experience. 

  7. Classroom Solutions
  8. Sponsored by Scholastic, this blog features multiple authors spanning grade levels K-12. Posts offer tips on lesson strategy as well as application—and always promise to be insightful, clear, and thorough.

  9. Education Rethink
  10. Rethink is a wonderfully conceived, aesthetically pleasing blog offering one man’s view on what it’s like to be a teacher.  The blog offers a refreshingly honest, personal look at the profession—and often features great videos, comics, and other media to boot.

  11. Goodbye Mrs. Chips  
  12. A surprising number of teachers in their golden years are active in the internet community. Mrs. Chips, a veteran educator, documents her last 100 days of teaching before retirement.

  13. High School Bits
  14. Sponsored by Bedford/St. Martin’s , this multi-author blog is written by scholars and master teachers for high school English educators. It’s the perfect resource for English teachers who wish to expand their knowledge or converse with the field’s top experts.

  15. TCPS Science
  16. Is your school or department looking to start a blog to share student pictures, information about scheduled events, and updates on progress and discovery? A great blog to use as example is San Diego’s The Children’s Primary School’s Science blog.

  17. Edulicious
  18. Trying to interact with your students in a new way? Edulicious promotes the use of technology to help enhance student performance—instead of integrating it into the classroom for its own sake.

  19. Educational Justice
  20. If you’re a progressive teacher looking to join a movement, Educational Justice is the blog for you. Its posts document changes in education policy, with a particular spotlight on the state of California.

  21. Math Teacher Mambo
  22. Math teachers unite! In her blog Math Teacher Mambo, Ms. Cookie posts general class run-downs, step by step tips to teaching the quadratic equation, and even shares samples of her assignments.

  23. Successful Teaching
  24. The author of Successful Teaching, Pat, has been an educator for over 30 years. She offers general advice for all teachers to achieve success, including tips to ensure your attitude is always open and positive. 

  25. Practical Theory
  26. Chris Lehman, a principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, utilizes Practical Theory: A View From the Classroom to offer his firsthand insight into school administration and community, large education conferences, and the goings-on of the U.S. Department of Education. The blog is comment-heavy and always open to discussion.

  27. Becoming a Better EFL Teacher
  28. English as a foreign language teachers are growing in number. This blog is a fantastic resource for those in the field, offering resources for phonetics, grammar, and pronunciation, as well as acting as a forum to discuss EFL lesson plan ideas and political issues.

  29. Blogboard
  30. A component of Teacher Magazine, Blogboard combines dozens of individual teacher’s blogs to give an encompassing—yet incredibly personal—glimpse at teacher’s achievements and struggles throughout the United States. You can choose to read the short blubs on the Blogboard, or click and read the individual blogger’s entire story.

  31. Top 101 Websites for Teachers
  32. This blog is as straightforward as it sounds; it is a compilation of the best websites for those in the K-12 teaching profession. Websites featured cover a wide array of topics, from American Presidential history to the Polar ice caps.

  33. The Edublogger
  34. Are you a blogging teacher? Do your classes have their own study blogs? The Edublogger will give you tips on how to edit, manage, and add media to your classrooms’ and/or your personal blog.

  35. Jane’s Pick of the Day
  36. Jane Hart is a social learning specialist, and updates her blog daily with an e-learning “pick” or technological tool that can help educators bring a little more oomph to their lessons and assignments. 

  37. Teacher’s Teaching Teachers
  38. A weekly webcast sponsored by Worldbridges network, a global community of individual webcasters, Teacher’s Teaching Teachers posts conversations between two “regular” teachers who get together and talk about education. Their motto? “Keep it real.” The blog incorporates podcasts and often involves videos and multimedia.

  40. Classroom instruction has changed an incredible amount in the last five or ten years. PBS offers a resource for teachers uncertain about how Wikipedia, blogs, and social networking sites will affect their students and their teaching methods.

  41. Free Technology for Teachers
  42. Many teachers are starting to utilize more and more online applications to help supplement their in-class lessons or demonstrations, to create communities for their students, and for personal organization. In Free Technology for Teachers, find information on numerous free online tools that will help you incorporate more and more technology into your classroom.

  43. On Special Education
  44. In this weblog produced by Education Week, special education reporter Lisa Fine covers news and trends of particular interest to special education teachers, parents and students. From tips on how to better serve autistic students to questions over performance-based pay, Fine offers a straight-forward go-to resource to her readers.

  45. Flypaper
  46. Produced on behalf of the Fordham Institute, a non-profit think tank, this blog tackles political issues affecting the classroom. Opinion is the name of the game, and multimedia is often incorporated,  offering teachers an interesting take on the national issues that often shape their work.

  47. Inside Pre-K
  48. If you spend your days with preschoolers, this is the resource for you. Inside Pre K is the blog of the organization Pre-K Now, dedicated to public education and advocacy. You’ll find book reviews, and suggestions on degree and certification paths, as well as students’ and parents’ stories.

  49. Teacher Beat
  50. Produced by Education Week, Teacher Beat is a one-stop community resource for all your education policy concerns.  The blog is written by a former federal education reporter, Stephen Sawchuk.

  51. Core Knowledge
  52. This multi-authored blog is dedicated to educational excellence and equity for all children. Posts range in topic from how to teach students about volcanoes to arguing the merits of strong arts education.

  53. I Want to Teach Forever
  54. Mr. D, a Teach for America alumnus who has experience teaching throughout the U.S., shares his general advice for teachers – so that they may keep their serenity (and sanity) in and out of the classroom. He also shares lesson plan advice, and looks back on his earlier years as a new teacher.

  55. On the Shoulders of Giants
  56. Written by English middle school teacher, Ariel Sacks, and endorsed by the Teacher Leaders Network, this blog offers practical tips and methods to teach middle-schooler’s grammar and vocabulary.

  57. 2 Cents Worth
  58. This popular blog features the voice of David Warlick, a former teacher and current leader in educational technology.  His two cents on the classroom ranges from recommending teacher’s conferences, to comparing teaching methods across nations, to the emergence of digital textbooks.

  59. Qrious A Think Tank for Teachers
  60. Billed as a space for “teachers who love to learn,” Qrious is all about alternative, original educational methods. Can’t engage your students with a book day after day? Check out audio stories and assign “listening assignments.” You get the drift.

  61. Infinite Teaching Machine
  62. If you’re a teacher looking to experience some interactive events on teaching, including webinars, Infinite Thinking Machine is for you.

  63. Gently Hew Stone
  64. Not many non-professional blogs can boast being thoughtful, innovative and helpful,  but Gently Hew Stone written by Jamie Huston has it all. Along with his teaching experience, Huston also documents his life in the LDS church.

  65. Elementary Teacher Resources blog
  66. Do you have teaching questions you need answered? Moreover, do you like answering the questions of other educators? This blog offers a simple way to have your voice heard and find resolution, and offers anonymous posting if situations get sticky.

  67. Music Teachers Blog
  68. Schools’ music teachers are rare flowers, and this blog will help them further blossom. With multiple contributors—from recording artists to private teachers, grade school music teachers to conservatory teachers—Music Teachers Blog provides information on a wide array of music education-centric topics.

  69. Literacy is Priceless
  70. For teachers dedicated to issues of reading and literacy, Literacy is Priceless presents a forum to digest, discover, and discuss teaching methods. The blog also offers entrees into digital literacy and often features multimedia postings.

  71. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… For Teaching, ELL, ESL & EFL
  72. In this blog, Larry Ferlazzo—who teaches English as a foreign language—picks his favorite websites for educators. Beyond tips for ELL, ESL and EFL teachers, he also links to various general online teaching resources and sites, and often posts multiple times a day.

  73. Free Resources From the New for Every Learner
  74. Do you want to renovate your classroom and stimulate your students, but are worried about matters of funding? This blog presents teachers with a veritable index of free online tools:  from the best free audio book sites to the latest free interactive software.

  75. The Learning Network
  76. One of the best teacher’s blogs comes from one of the nation’s best newspapers—The New York Times. With multiple authors, lesson plan ideas, student opinions, literary resources and reviews incorporated, this is a blog not to miss.

  77. The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet
  78. Written by art educator Craig Roland, this blog is all about teaching art in the digital age. By integrating his own advice with museum creations and productions, expert lectures and online art tools, Roland presents a wonderful strongbox for teachers of art.

  79. Thrown In the Deep End
  80. Created by a new teacher for new teachers, Thrown in the Deep End details the life of a high school science teacher who’s just starting out.

  81. It’s Not All Flowers And Sausages
  82. Billed as “a blog for teachers who rock,” this is also a space for teachers who want to vent. Because teaching the nation’s future leaders is never an easy—and often not a fun—task, this blog documents the life of an educator who loves her job but also needs to come clean and air dirty laundry.

  83. Just A Substitute Teacher…
  84. Often unsung, substitute teachers need a community, too. Mr. P, a semi-retired engineer, details his experiences substitute teaching for grades K-6, and the success, struggle—and hilarity—that ensues.

  85. Moving at the Speed of Creativity
  86. For teachers dedicated to creative classroom environments and engaged learning, the blog Moving at the Speed of Creativity is a treat. The content is dedicated mostly to educational transformation, be it through technology, media, or blended learning.  Posts are fun, engaging and often thought-provoking.

  87. Around the Corner
  88. The author of this blog, Miguel Guhlin, is a former teacher who is now a writer and educational speaker serving on and moderating education panels throughout the country. His blog is often preoccupied with uses of and developments in educational technology. However, Guhlin is also ready and willing to discuss offline teaching tools and methods.

  89. The Stenhouse Blog
  90. This blog is the brainchild of Stenhouse Publishing, a company that produces professional development materials for teachers. Authors of the materials share their thoughts, review books, post podcasts and articles of interest, and present mini lesson plans.

  91. Shakespeare in the Classroom
  92. In this blog, the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. presents news, lesson plans, and attention-grabbing posts for teachers of Shakespeare.  This is a great resource to help high school English and drama teachers make Shakespeare’s works come alive in the classroom.

  93. The Carrot Revolution
  94. As its title suggests, The Carrot Revolution is all about subverting the status quo—most particularly within the realm of art education. A well-read and discussed blog, it features an art teacher’s thoughts on the state of the arts in schools, as well as interviews with art writers; photos, videos and descriptions of outstanding artists in the field; and project tips.

  95. The Teacher Toolbox
  96. Want short blog posts? Do you like teacher-bent comics and cartoons? The Teacher Toolbox, read by over 50,000 people, is the online forum for you. The site also features puzzles, poems, teaching tips, and media.

  97. National Journal Education Expert Blog
  98. Composed of questions that a panel of educators and education insiders answer, the National Journal Education Expert Blog tackles pressing civic topics that affect classrooms nationwide, from No Child Left Behind to immigration and race issues.

  99. Teacher Magazine Unwrapping the Gifted
  100. Another blog compliments of Teacher Magazine, Unwrapping the Gifted if a forum to discuss news and developments in gifted education. Written by Tamara Fischer, a K-12 gifted education specialist, the blog is all about dispelling myths, creating public awareness, and helping teachers of the gifted be more effective.

**Methodology: Based on search engine page rank; testimonials; authority; post quality and frequency.

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