Allie Gray is an Online Marketing Manager for Rasmussen College. In her position, she drives online promotion and content production for Rasmussen College School of Business, School of Technology and Design, and School of Nursing. Allie has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota.

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What Is Information Systems?

Technology instructor at Rasmussen College answers the question, "What is information systems" in this cool video blog.

Five Lessons I Have Learned in College

Kandice Solin, a Rasmussen College business degree student from the Brooklyn Park, MN college campus shares five key lessons she has learned to master college learning (and life):

Nursing Faculty Spotlight: Dean Lori Steffen

We recently sat down with Lori Steffen, the Senior Dean of the School of Nursing at the St. Cloud, MN college campus where she shared important advice and key benefits of pursuing a career as a nurse.

Top Five Things You Should Look for In an Internship

An internship is an amazing opportunity to gain on-the-job skills and experience while you're still in college. But with the array of internship opportunities available - some paid and some unpaid - how do you choose the perfect opportunity for you? Here are the top five things you should look for in an internship.

25 Ways to Use Google (That You've Never Heard Of)

Google's technology can really facilitate success by streamlining productivity, all the while putting you ahead of the curve in professional and personal spheres. Here are 25 of the best Google programs that you've never heard of...

Top 40 Colleges That Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network on the Internet with more than 200 million active users worldwide. Facebook started in 2004 as a site for college students to socially interact in a virtual setting; but the site has since advanced to a popular online destination used by web users of all ages; and consequentially morphed into a new marketing channel for organizations.

Top 100 Academic Law Twitter Feeds

This article will highlight the top 100 academic law feeds on Twitter...from law librarians, professors and schools, to paralegal instructors and criminal justice teachers.