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How You Can Capitalize on the Minnesota Police Pension Changes

On most occasions, reading up on pension plans and retirement planning would probably put you to sleep. But there's a good reason to get excited if you're getting started in law enforcement. Changes to Minnesota's public employee pension plan have resulted in a substantial increase in retirements-which could open the door for a wave of new officers and promotions.

Twin Cities Paralegal Grad Builds New Beginning after Earning Degree

Frederich Nietzsche really was on to something when he wrote: "What does not kill me, makes me stronger." Twin Cities-based paralegal student, Jennifer Smith Van Nest, is a great example of that-a difficult divorce and legal battle for custody of her daughter could have broken her spirit; instead she used it as fuel in her pursuit of a paralegal associate degree.

Tragedy Pushes Lake Elmo Medical Assisting Student to Succeed

Luanne Paulson needed a change. As a 52-year-old certified nursing assistant (CNA) at a long-term care facility, she realized that the long, and often inconsistent, hours of hands-on work with patients was too physically demanding and wondered if there was another career path for her. Paulson is now a Lake Elmo medical assisting student at Rasmussen College with two quarters until her associate's degree is complete.

Your Favorite State Fair Foods Exposed (Diet Spoiler Alert)

Almost two million people will undoubtedly pack the Minnesota State Fair this year to take part in the act of eating, and even though the fair boasts many attractions other than food, let's be honest - most of us can't wait to get our fingers on something deep fried and on-a-stick. So, are you ready to loosen your belt to make room for this year's brand new food creations?

Entrepreneur on a Stick

If someone told you they had a business idea that involved selling deep fried candy bars or chicken nachos on a stick would you call them crazy? Many food entrepreneurs sell their products at state fairs across the nation and are constantly boasting new creative ideas for products both with and without a stick. No matter what we think about these deep fried diet killers, these entrepreneurs seem to know what they are doing.