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3 Steps to Finding Your Dream Job Using Pinterest

Learn how Pinterest, the visual social network has to do with finding a job or changing careers. Pinterest is a great place to showcase your personal brand, find a job or be a catalyst for those of you looking for a career change.

Rise to the Top with LinkedIn

If you are not on LinkedIn yet, you need to be. If you are a prospective student, current student, alumni, looking for work or even if you are currently employed, you need to have a LinkedIn profile now.

Dangerous Posts: How Twitter Can Make or Break a Career

You can't avoid it. Students, parents, schools, businesses, non-profits, politicians, athletes, and celebrities are all tweeting. Many of you will be tweeting on behalf of a company or organization in the coming months, if you're not already. That's why it's so important to remember the Internet is forever, and an inappropriate 140-character tweet could potentially break a career, before it even starts.

The Must-Have Facebook Pages for Nurses

Networking among peers and other industry professionals is an important and necessary step for anyone looking to be successful in their career, and with the help of social media, is much easier to accomplish.

The Top Social Media Networks for Businesses

How do I attract more customers? As a business owner chances are you have asked yourself this question many times. A recent Citibank survey found that 40% of small business owners intend to use social media networks to market and expand their business in 2012. It's understandable if you are a little hesitant about getting started. To help calm some nerves, here are a few of the top social media networks for businesses to use.

Network Your Way To A Job Or Internship

One of the most effective ways to find employment opportunities and internships is through networking. Learn how to maximize your networking activites with this article written by Rasmussen College Career Services Advisor.

Get LinkedIn and Get Connected

Watch this webinar and learn how you can leverage your current professional connections, gain additional connections, and make the most of LinkedIn.