Requesting an Accommodation

Although you may request an academic accommodation at any time, you should request it as early as possible. Some academic adjustments may take more time to provide than others.

Please note that disabled students are not required to self-disclose or register with the campus accommodations coordinator, although we encourage them to do so. Students seeking academic accommodations or adjustments must contact the local campus accommodations coordinator to request such services. Students who are unsure whom to contact should check with their academic dean or campus instructor.

How Does the Accommodations Process Work at Rasmussen College?

First, you’ll want to contact the campus accommodations coordinator (CAC) at your campus so they can help you locate the necessary forms and guide you through the process. You will need to:

Step 2: Campus Accommodations Coordinator (CAC)

The CAC will interview you to develop a well-rounded picture of your needs, review your documentation and advise you if more information or more complete documentation is indicated. Then, they send all necessary forms to the Rasmussen Accommodations Committee.

Step 3: Rasmussen Accommodations Committee (RAC)

The RAC reviews your documentation within 2-3 weeks of receipt. They work with the CAC to determine eligibility and recommend reasonable accommodations based on the requests you submitted, documentation of your disability and what is appropriate under the law. Members of the RAC may contact you or your qualified professional (if you provided a HIPAA/FERPA authorization) to obtain additional information necessary for decision making. They will determine eligibility, approve or deny requested accommodations, and notify you and the CAC. The RAC also sends the CAC the Privileged and Confidential Memo and Rasmussen College Student Accommodations Instructor Notification Memo.

Step 4: Meet with CAC

The CAC schedules a meeting with the student to review the decision. If you are not eligible, the CAC will:

If you are eligible, the CAC will:

Step 5: Meet with Your Instructors

Present a copy of the Instructor Notification Memo to each instructor and for every term that you continue to want the accommodation. Meet with the instructor to make arrangements for how the accommodation will be provided in the course. Do not wait until the last minute—the instructor needs reasonable time to put things in place for you. You can contact the CAC if there are any complications in the provision of the accommodation or if you have any questions about the process.

Be sure to reapply for the accommodation about six weeks prior to your anniversary date (one year after the date of initial approval) by contacting the CAC and completing the Returning Student Accommodations Request.

Resolve Accommodations Issues

If you are having trouble accessing your accommodations, meet with your instructor and share your concern. Share your ideas for addressing the concern and work with the instructor to put the accommodation in place. If this does not adequately meet your needs, make an appointment with the CAC to resolve your concern. If your concern has not been resolved through these steps, you may choose to use the disability appeals process by contacting the campus director.

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