Health Information Management Careers on WFTX Fort Myers

Rasmussen College, who offers Health Information Management degrees, discusses health information management careers and the future of the medical field on WFTX Fort Myers. You can also view the video on the Rasmussen College - YouTube page, found here.


Lisa Spooner:Okay. Welcome back on this Workers Wanted Wednesday. If you're interested in the medical field, you're going to want to listen up. We're joined today by Hertencia Bowe from Rasmussen College. I guess, let's just start at the very beginning. What types of jobs are available for people in the health information management field?

Hertencia Bowe: Well, Lisa, there are a lot of dynamic opportunities available for HIT graduates. Rasmussen College prepares these graduates for these opportunities, and some of them can be in your traditional roles like health care in clinic settings, and then some of your non-traditional roles, which include electronic health record vendors or your health insurance companies, such as Blue Cross or Aetna, and even in law offices, like medical offices that practice medical malpractice. So there's a variety of opportunities available for these graduates.

Lisa Spooner: So what happens if someone didn't graduate with one of those degrees? How long would it take them to go through and get the necessary requirements needed to enter this field?

Hertencia Bowe: Really, it all starts with education and a credential. So a person must complete an Associate's Degree with a CAHIIM accredited program, such as the Rasmussen College program and then go on to be credentialed as a registered health information technician, also known as RHIT. Rasmussen College also has an amazing career services team that prepares our students and helps them to get through this process. We have our prep review course within the curriculum as well as faculty who have real world experience that help them prepare for this.

Lisa Spooner: All right. So there's people out there, and they're interested in this field. What's the best way to look for a job?

Hertencia Bowe: The best way to look for a job is to look at your local health care job boards, and again Rasmussen College has an excellent career service team that helps students find these jobs. In their last quarter, we help students navigate these websites, such as the American Health Information Association website, your state health information association website, which is FAHIMA, also your HIT journals, such as For The Record, Be Advanced, Journal of AHIMA. These places are going to always have job opportunities available for HIT graduates.

Lisa Spooner: All right. Some good information for people out there looking to get into the medical field. Hertencia Bowe with Rasmussen College. Thanks so much for coming in this morning. We appreciate it.

Hertencia Bowe: Thanks for having me. My pleasure.

Lisa Spooner: All right, Liza, we are already looking to the weekend.