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Justice Studies Bachelor's, Associate's and Certificates

From law enforcement to paralegal studies, a credential to match your passion

At Rasmussen College, our School of Justice Studies offers current and future criminal justice professionals a wide range of industry-relevant programs. From law enforcement to paralegal studies, our in-depth degree curriculum and fieldwork offer relevant real-world scenarios to prepare you to enter your career with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Whether you want to advance your career or start a new one in a criminal justice field, our programs can help give you the academic background you need to reach your career goals.

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School of Justice Studies Degrees and Programs

Bachelor’s Degrees

Our Bachelor’s degrees provide an in-depth examination of each area of study with a focus on developing your critical-thinking skills and advanced knowledge of each of the following areas:

Associate’s Degrees

For students who want to enter the criminal justice system and build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in their specific area of study, we offer Associate’s degrees in the following areas:


To help students who have a degree and are focused on starting their career quickly, we offer Certificates with career-focused, hands-on, practical skill development in the following areas:

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Criminology vs. Criminal Justice vs. Criminalistics: Your Guide to Finding the Right Field
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