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Tuition & Financial Aid

At Rasmussen College, our focus has always been and will remain on making every student’s higher education experience a successful investment. In an effort to provide our students with an even more successful higher education investment, we lowered our tuition costs—up to 24% on select programs.*

We also instituted a Tuition Lock, which guarantees tuition costs will not increase for continuously enrolled students—from enrollment through graduation—and gives students peace of mind knowing their tuition costs will remain constant.*

Estimate your degree costs using our tuition calculator below or learn more about our lowered tuition costs and how you can earn a degree from Rasmussen College by completing the form on the right today and one of our program managers will contact you shortly.

*Tuition rate is locked in for continuously enrolled students. A change in the number of credits taken during enrollment in any quarter may lead to different prices if a student moves from part-time to full-time or vice versa.

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Student Investment Disclosure

  • Outcome

    Information for median loan amounts, on-time completion rates, and placement rates are unavailable for new programs (indicated with NA*).

    • On-time Completion Rate:

      The percent of graduates who complete the program in normal time (assumes students take 12 credits per quarter)

    • Rasmussen Placement Rate:

      Internal placement rate methodology can be found at Student Investment Disclosure main page

  • Loan and Financial Aid

    Our SUPPORT+ team will help you complete your financial aid application and review your financial aid award letter. Contact a financial services advisor to discuss your individual needs and goals.

    • Federal Student Loans:

      Median loan debt for completers from Federal Stafford Loan program (does not include Federal PLUS loans)

    • Private Loans:

      Median loan debt for completers from private educational loans

    • Institutional Loans:

      Median amount that completers owe to Rasmussen College upon graduation

  • Full-Time Tuition and Fees

    The tuition shown is the full tuition cost and does not reflect scholarships, grants, loans, or any credit transfers-all of which can lower your tuition cost. Contact a program manager to discuss your unique situation and tuition costs for your degree.

    • Tuition and Fees:

      Tuition & fees charged for completing the program in normal time

    • E-books & Supplies:

      Total cost of e-books and supplies when completing the program in normal time

    • Room and Board:

      Total cost of room & board is not applicable at Rasmussen College

  • SOC Code

    Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) provides a representation of occupations for which graduates typically find employment

    Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) provides a representation of occupations for which graduates typically find employment


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