21 Cyber Security Blogs that Keep IT Pros in the Know

Top cyber security blogsLiving in a digital age has caused us to put a lot of trust in the networks and devices we rely on for everything from connecting with friends to paying our bills. With so much personal information at stake, information security professionals are tasked with protecting our private information along with the networks and systems we utilize.

Data breaches and cybercrime are topics that rarely stray from the headlines. Technology is rapidly evolving as are the tactics used by cybercriminals. Whether you’re simply an online consumer or you’re considering a career in information security, following the top cyber security blogs is a great way to stay safe and up to date on the latest industry happenings.

We identified a handful of the most renowned blogs in the information security industry. These websites are great sources of information, education and conversation about all things cybersecurity. Be sure to bookmark this list to keep tabs on these resources in the future!

21 top cyber security blogs


Why follow? CNET has an entire section of their site devoted to security. Their consumer technology experts weigh in each day on everything from credit card data breaches and cyber warfare to scams and social media privacy. They cover what’s happening in current events while providing a solid technological outlook. This blog has a casual tone and is not overly technical in writing. It’s a good one to follow if you have a particular interest in consumer-related security.

2. CyberArk

Why follow? CyberArk is one of the few security companies whose efforts are entirely dedicated to preventing cyberattacks. With many of the world’s top businesses trusting their protection, CyberArk is a blog boasting a lot of authority. The site is updated every few weeks or so with insightful, intelligent articles on hot topics such as the newest global security concerns and recaps from recent security and hacker conferences.

3. Dark Reading

Why follow? Dark Reading is a cybersecurity community comprised of contributing influential IT professionals. This cutting-edge blog is chock full of news and commentary covering a broad range of cybersecurity-related issues and even offers podcasts and videos. Dark Reading is part of InformationWeek, which hosts nine digital technology communities.

4. Homeland Security News Wire

Why follow? Homeland Security News Wire, a leader in the industry’s online daily publications, manages its own cybersecurity blog. This resource combines elements of government, science and business to analyze the technical aspects of current events. Plus, it’s packed with authoritative and informative reporting and is updated daily.

5. Infosec News

Why follow? Infosec is a small but long-running and respected cybersecurity blog. This streamlined site allows you to catch up on the latest breaking news, which varies from security and hacking to public policy and industry conferences. This blog also has an extensive posting of job openings for jobseekers in the IT and security field.

6. Information Security Buzz

Why follow? Information Security Buzz’s cybersecurity blog is an independent resource for the latest updates and expert input on industry happenings. This blog features a video channel with insightful commentary from IT professionals. You can even use their LinkedIn community discussion page to rub elbows with other industry professionals and hash out the latest hot topics.

7. Infosecurity Magazine

Why follow? Infosecurity Magazine is one of the larger cybersecurity publications out there with a vast amount of information on their website. The site is updated daily and hosts its own virtual conferences throughout the year and even has its own webinar channel and an extensive directory of cybersecurity companies.

8. Inside Cybersecurity

Why follow? Inside Cybersecurity is a site dedicated to keeping professionals up to date with federal policies affecting digital security. The site provides behind-the-scenes reporting of law making and its repercussions on the public, though it is subscription-based. Give the free trial a try to better understand the relationship between public policy and cyber security.

9. Krebs on Security

Why follow? Krebs on Security is authored by Brian Krebs, a former Washington Post reporter. This five-year-old blog offers a lot of archives to dig through, while also providing a fresh look at current cybersecurity threats. Because of his unorthodox ushering into the cybersecurity industry, Krebs’ style is accessible and casual, which makes following this blog easy and enjoyable.

10. Naked Security

Why follow? Naked Security is the security threat blog of Sophos, a cybersecurity company. This blog has a huge following and does a great job of making their content interesting, relevant and accessible. The site is divided into relevant topics such as vulnerability, android, privacy and Facebook, so you can easily find content relating to your interests.

11. SC Magazine

Why follow? SC Magazine hosts a data breach blog that is a must-see for cybersecurity pros. Each no-frills blog post is short and concise, getting down to the fundamentals of each security breach. SC Magazine has a large following and is very active on social media as well.

12. Schneier on Security

Why follow? Bruce Schneier is a heavy hitter in the security field with impressive credentials. His cybersecurity blog pulls in all sorts of articles from across the web and generates a lot of engagement on his site. This is a good blog to follow if you want to see differing opinions on the topics everyone’s discussing. Schneier also produces a monthly newsletter to keep you in the know.

13. Securosis

Why follow? This cut and dry cybersecurity blog is produced by Securosis, an information security advisory firm that also conducts a lot of IT research. They claim to be “totally obsessed with improving the practice of information security” and that is seen in their articles. This regularly-updated blog is all about providing practical and useful information to its loyal followers.

14. Security Bloggers Network

Why follow? If you’re looking for a wide variety of voices and perspectives, this is the blog for you! Security Bloggers Network is a feed of about 300 blogs and podcasts. If quality and variety are not incentive enough to follow the blog, then the quantity alone should astound you. You can expect more than 50 new posts daily!

15. Security Watch

Why follow? Security Watch is the blog of BH Consulting, an independent IT solutions firm in Ireland. The blog covers information security issues on an international level. It is updated regularly with casually written content along with occasional videos. Browse through their multiple archives or search by category to find a topic of your choice.

16. SecurityWeek

Why follow? SecurityWeek is a cybersecurity blog that provides insight and expert analysis on global security threats and headlines. The blog is jam-packed with articles and information. They also divvy it up conveniently into different categories like cybercrime and security architecture. The site also offers more in-depth research and whitepaper reports.

17. Stay Safe Online

Why follow? Stay Safe Online is a security blog run by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA.) Their mission is to educate and advocate for safe and secure internet use. This resource focuses heavily on providing family-friendly advice on teaching safe online practices to children. The posts are not weighed down with technical jargon and they often feature guest bloggers. The NCSA also promotes National Cyber Security Awareness Month each October.

18. Tech News World

Why follow? Tech News World’s cybersecurity section covers everything from hacking to privacy issues and the latest news in the information security field. This blog does a good job of writing on consumer-related security issues in a comprehensible manner. They also write quite a bit on cybersecurity law and legislature that affects the industry.

19. Threatpost

Why follow? Threat Post is an independent news source that regularly breaks the latest in information security news. The blog publishes multiple posts each day, accompanied by their podcast and video library. Threatpost has a huge following, is an award-winning blog and is a well-known and authoritative source if you ever need a credible citation on cybersecurity.

20. Veracode

Why follow? Veracode is a cloud-based security firm. Their blog is updated nearly every day with new content from both industry professionals and members of the Veracode team. The posts are casual and consistently deliver on everything from cyber vulnerabilities to social media and security software. The site also features a wealth of security resources such as webinars, whitepapers and reports.

21. Wombat Security Blog

Why follow? Wombat Security Blog focuses heavily on phishing and other cyberthreats. They provide a weekly summary of the latest phishing attacks online. The blog is managed by Wombat Security Technologies, a company that provides cybersecurity training and filtering service.

Considering combatting cybercrime?

You are now equipped with some of the best cybersecurity blogs the internet has to offer. If these resources inspire you to make a career out of protecting the Internet and its users, an information security degree can help you take the next step.

Here are three facts that prove a degree in information security is worth it!

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