Work to Play: 7 Reasons You Should Become a Game Designer

Are you looking for a career that will let you brag to your friends? How about a career that allows you to work and play?

If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, you may be interested in a career in game and simulation design. “Interactive forms of entertainment are definitely here to stay,” said Conor Murphy, Marketing Manager at

As a game designer, you could be working to create games that not only you enjoy, but that others will enjoy as well. Below are 7 reasons you should pursue game designing:


1. You Already Have a Great Set of Skills

Game design is a mixture of quantitative and qualitative skills. Your ability to tell a story will allow you to capture the collective imagination of the gaming world. Your math skills help you keep up with the ever-increasing sophistication of game design and your knowledge of gaming consoles will inform the way your story plays out on screen.  Finally, your knowledge of computer systems – Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, to name a few – will help you tweak your designs to fit the unique operating systems on the market.  

2. You Embrace Evolution

As you probably know, technology is constantly evolving and every time we buy a new gadget, it seems like the next best thing is already being developed. If you enjoy change and don’t like mundane tasks, game and simulation design is a great career path as you will be forced to keep up with constantly shifting demands from gamers wanting the next best thing.  

3. You Like To Express Yourself (and Show Off Your Creativity)

You get to create the fun! If your mind is constantly overflowing with new ideas, why not share them with others? Several games come from a blank slate, a story or even a movie, according to the BLS report Work for Play: Careers in Video Game Development.

4. You Can Flaunt Your Passion

You’re passionate about creating. You’ll probably become familiar with hard work, late nights, strict deadlines and adversity, but in the end, your passion will be clear by the games you produce.

5. You Can Improve the Video Game Experience

Be a part of making the video game experience better. The ideas created for today’s gamers need to appeal to a wide demographic. The average gamer today is 30 years old with more than 12 years of gaming experience, according to Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA), “2012 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry.”  In addition, 62 percent of gamers are adults with nearly half of that percentage over the age of 35.

6. You Can Get Paid to Do What You Love

While you shouldn’t go around telling people what you make, the average salary for game designers is around $68,000, according to the BLS.  In fact, an infographic from Big Fish Games, shows that the top salaries are being paid in California and Washington State.

7. You Can Wear Different Hats

Whether you start off as a freelance designer or begin your career in a corporate setting, there are several options for those interested in video game development.   Moreover, the obstacles to an entry-level career are lower than ever. In addition to the vast amount of career options in the field, with the right experience you can develop games for computer, consoles or mobile devices.


Convinced yet?

These are only a few of the multitude of reasons why becoming a game designer can be creatively and financially rewarding.  

If you would like further support, don’t hesitate to ask us. Feel free to also head over to our Facebook page to ask any questions you may have about game and simulation design.

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