What is an eBook? Why and How to Use Them

While the printing press is viewed as the most important invention of all time, Johannes Gutenberg surely couldn’t have anticipated books going digital. Gutenberg’s printing press helped knowledge spread to the masses like never before, and while we will still be turning pages of paper books for a while, eBook are increasing in popularity. So what is an eBook? I’ll explain what, how and, why they are changing the literary world.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is the electronic counterpart of a printed book according to PCMag.com. And they are becoming extremely popular; especially among busy professionals, avid readers, and students.

How Do They Work?

An electronic book, or an eBook, is typically distributed as a digital file that can be used on any compatible computer or mobile device.  With the growth in the use of tablets such as the Kindle Fire or the Ipad, eBooks have been flying off the digital shelves.  No longer do we need to run to the store or wait for a package in the mail; we can download them instantly over the internet for free or at a marginal cost.  Once downloaded you have complete access to read the books contents, and you can take notes, highlight, and bookmark pages, similar to traditional paper books.

Why Use Them?

One of the main reasons that eBooks are growing in popularity especially within higher education sector, is because of the cost savings compared to using traditional hardcover books. College students should expect to follow this trend towards digital textbooks in order to save money as well.  With the help of a laptop or tablet, utilizing electronic books will allow students to complete reading assignments wherever they go such as the park, on the bus, or anywhere they choose.  And let’s not forget, no more paper cuts as turning pages is as easy as flicking your finger across the screen.

Without a doubt, eBooks are delivering the written words of the digital future, but the benefits will go far beyond a single individual learning. Similar to the printing press, eBooks will enable populations from around the world a greater availability to learn. This will allow the world to enter a new age of enlightenment by giving civilization the capabilities to spread stories, theories, and facts like never before.

Have you download your first eBook yet?

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