Tips For Working From Home

Whether you are a business degree student or a business professional employed in the workforce, working from home may be something that is relevant to your life. Many companies are starting to be more lenient about allowing employees to work from home as they recognize the numerous benefits. It can reduce the cost of commuting and is especially easy thanks to advancements in technology. Employees and employers alike often benefit from these set-ups according to research by the American Psychological Association (2008). If you're one of those people who works from home or takes an occasional day off from the office, you need to make sure you stay productive. Here are a few tips to keep you on track, as inspired by and

Working from Home Tips


1. Make sure you know your employer's expectations.

Ask your supervisor if any of your duties have changed and if the company will cover supplies, like your computer and your phone bill.

2. Meet and exceed expectations to show your boss that you can get everything done just as well at home as you would in the office.

If you work overtime, make sure they know it so you can be compensated appropriately.

3. Don't just assume that you can stay at home whenever you have a personal issue.

Ask your supervisor first and make sure you won't be missing anything important, like a departmental or status meeting.

4. Set up your home office space.

It should be free from distractions, just like your desk at work. Choose an area that's quiet, away from children and pets and comfortable enough to be okay with working there all day.

5. Maintain constant contact with the main office.

Not only do you need to check in with your boss, but you should be available for other employees to reach you if they need help on a project or advice. Consider going into the office a couple of times a week just to keep your relationships intact. And, if you are out of the office, be accessible via instant messenger, cell phone, and email.

6. Be consistent with your hours.

Even though you don't have to get up as early to make the commute, you still need to devote the same amount of time to working. Treat it just as you would a day in the office.

7. Sitting around in your pajamas may be tempting, but you might be more productive if you actually get dressed.

You don't have to wear a business suit, but if you shower and get ready before you sit down to work, you'll feel more professional and will be more likely to focus.

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