A Complete Breakdown of the Different Types of Business Degrees

types-of-business-degreesDeciding between the different types of business degrees is kind of like choosing which entree to start with at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Imagine having an empty plate in hand, hunger and excitement building as your reach the front of the line. But then you see the massive amount of food you have to choose from and you have no idea where to start or how to decide. Chances are you felt similarly overwhelmed if you’ve looked at the variety of business degrees available lately.

We’re here to help you better understand your options of the types of business degrees are out there.  With careful planning, you can best decide which one will fill your career cravings and not leave you with heartburn 10 or 20 years down the road.

Here, we feature 17 fields within the world of business. Take some time to fully consider your options for the different types of business degrees - so you’ll know exactly what you want when it’s time to fill your plate.

Types of business degrees to consider

The areas in which you can earn a degree to pursue a career in business could be almost infinite, so it’s important to narrow it down. Here are some common specializations worth considering that can help you decide which career is right for you.

  • Accounting

Overview: When studying accounting you can expect to develop your understanding of the generally accepted accounting principles, the process of managing financial document and how it impacts business operations. This will allow you to pursue many types of accounting, finance or tax positions within different organizations.

Common course subjects: accounting, financial analysis, economics and business law
Potential job titles: accountant, financial analyst or payroll manager
Median starting salary: $45,300

  • Advertising

Overview: If you want to learn how to impact audiences with marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as how to achieve business goals through a variety of tactics and best practices, consider advertising. This major enables you to pursue a variety of career options within the broad field of marketing and advertising.

Common course subjects: market research, consumer behavior, color theory and brand management
Potential job titles: marketing manager, copywriter or media planner
Median starting salary: $40,000

  • Business Administration

Overview: If you major in business administration, expect to focus on learning and developing the skills necessary to plan, organize and manage the many aspects involved in running a business, including business processes and financial analysis. This will prepare you for a variety of business opportunities in different industries.

Common course subjects: accounting, economics, human resources and management
Potential job titles: human resources manager, business analyst, or operations analyst
Median starting salary: $43,500

  • Business Management

Overview: A business management education will give you a solid foundation and depth of knowledge in areas like accounting, sales and business development. You’ll also gain the skills that you’ll need to begin building a management-level career where you may be responsible for a leading a team of people in organizational-specific activities in sales, operations or training.

Common course subjects: accounting, management, marketing and leadership
Potential job titles: sales manager, account manager, or project manager
Median starting salary: $41,900

  • Business Technology

Overview: If you have a passion for technology and an interest in business, then you will want to consider majoring in an area such as business systems analysis, IT management or perhaps information systems. As technology continues to evolve, professionals in this area learn how to best assess business needs, conduct strategic planning and manage the implementation and uses of these business technologies within organizations.

Common course subjects: process management, operations management, it management and project management
Potential job titles: business analyst, process analyst or business consultant
Median starting salary: $49,900

  • Communications

Overview: In this major you will study the process and effects of human communication, from interpersonal to mass media communications. In business, this knowledge can be used for communicating your brand message to a target audience in an effective way.

Common course subjects: mass communication, public relations, mass media and interpersonal communications
Potential job titles: public relations manager, communications specialist or copywriter
Median starting salary: $40,000

  • Economics

Overview: If you choose to study economics, you can expect to learn about economic principles and theory, including the use of math and data analysis.  An economics degree can help prepare you for analyzing and forecasting economic trends in order to improve operations and performance.

Common course subjects: macroeconomics, microeconomics, accounting and business statistics
Potential job titles: financial analyst, contract specialist or economist
Median starting salary: $50,100

  • Entrepreneurship

Overview: If you want to start, build and manage a business of your own, an entrepreneurship degree can help. It’s also important to remember that many of the skills learned are also applicable to working within an organization – just in case you need a backup plan.

Common course subjects: accounting, marketing, performance management and business strategy
Potential job titles: business owner, business manager or management analyst
Median starting salary: $43,500

  • Finance

Overview: If you choose to study finance, you’ll learn a broad range of concepts and skills including financial analysis, statistics and portfolio management economics. Majoring in finance will help you pursue opportunities in finance sectors as well as accounting or investment areas.

Common course subjects: financial modeling, portfolio management, taxation and business law
Potential job titles: risk manager, portfolio analyst or financial analyst
Median starting salary: $49,200

  • Healthcare Management

Overview: This major prepares you for providing business management leadership strategies specifically within the field of healthcare. You will learn about many of the proven management techniques with a focus on the intricacies within the healthcare industry.

Common course subjects: financial management, policy management, healthcare operations and healthcare law
Potential job titles: health services manager, patient care associate, medical director
Median starting salary: $39,300

  • Hospitality Management

Overview: If you have a passion for working with people and tourism, then a hospitality management degree may be right for you. Hotels, event spaces and other similar establishments have unique management needs that are different than other businesses. Utilizing a variety of management and communications skills is important for making sure operations run smoothly.

Common course subjects: tourism, business administration, human resources and management
Potential job titles: guest services manager, hotel manager or general manager
Median starting salary: $40,600

  • Human Resources

Overview: In this major you will learn the skills necessary for managing business and labor practices in addition to learning about organizational development, resources planning and training. Human resources is a critical department for helping any organization run smoothly.

Common course subjects: management, leadership, organizational behavior and employment law
Potential job titles: human resources generalist, recruiter, or benefits specialist
Median starting salary: $38,800

  • International Business

Overview: International business focuses on – you guessed it – international organizations. As business expand oversees it’s important for have professional educated in areas such global operations, expanding markets and cultural behaviors.

Common course subjects: international marketing, global commerce, business ethics and communication
Potential job titles: management analyst, supply chain manager or business development specialist
Median starting salary: $43,800

  • Marketing

Overview: By majoring in marketing, you’ll be focused on learning the fundamentals in areas such as market research, communication and marketing strategies.  The marketing department of a business helps accomplish tasks such as product promotion or consumer research in order to achieve specific business goals, like increasing sales, brand awareness or customer retention.

Common course subjects: consumer behavior, marketing management, internet marketing and communications
Potential job titles: marketing manager, marketing coordinator or marketing specialist
Median starting salary: $42,100

  • Project Management

Overview: If you want the skills needed to oversee projects – including making sure that all elements are accounted for and everything’s on time and within budget – check out project management. Today, more and more businesses want to get projects done quickly and effectively, so they realize the need for project managers.

Common course subjects: organizational management, leadership, communications and project management
Potential job titles: project manager, business analyst or project coordinator
Median starting salary: $41,900

  • Public Relations

Overview: By majoring in this field you will develop the communication skills necessary for building beneficial relations between your organization and their public audience. In business this skill is utilized to help coordinate a variety of corporate activities such as community affairs, news media, press releases and other public announcements.

Common course subjects: communications, advertising, public speaking and writing
Potential job titles: public relations manager, event coordinator or communications specialist
Median starting salary: $37,400

  • Statistics

Overview: Statisticians are trained in the collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of numbered data sets. They use these skills to help improve decision-making ability by businesses by uncovering and planning for trends or patterns to act on.

Common course subjects: algebra, calculus, probability and statistics
Potential job titles: statistician, data analyst or business analyst
Median starting salary: $52,500

How to choose the right business degree for you

Yes, this list just gave you a lot of options that maybe you didn’t consider before. But now that you know a bit more about them you are in a much better place to make a quality decision – just like at that all-you-can-eat buffet.

Need to stay motivated to find that perfect career? Just remember this: Individuals with a bachelor’s degree have 20 times more job opportunities than someone with an associate’s degree.

Thanks to this extensive list of the different types of business degrees available, you should be able to find the one you want to pursue so that you can take advantage of the tremendous amount of business employment opportunities that a business degree can provide.

To help you make a decision and avoid any type of analysis paralysis where you begin over-thinking your decision, consider picking out two or three of the different types of business degree options to research further.

To learn more about specific business programs, check out Rasmussen College’s School of Business programs. Or for more information about specific business-related career fields, download the Business Career Outlook guide.

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