Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree at Rasmussen College

Use Your College Credits to Earn the Degree that is Right for You

Today, more than ever, earning a Bachelor’s degree is imperative to achieving career success.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for Bachelor’s degree holders over the age of 25 is almost 95%, and they earn about $14,000 more each year on average than Associate’s degree holders.‡

At Rasmussen College, we not only understand the importance of completing your Bachelor’s degree, we also understand the importance of giving our students a top-tier education that will allow them to hit the ground running when they start their new career. With current and relevant curriculum delivered by instructors who are industry professionals with real world experience, our Bachelor’s degree programs provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Whether students have some credit, an Associate’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree, our seamless transfer policy allows students to begin the degree program that is right for them and start their path toward a successful career.

‡ "Education Pays ..." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Department of Labor, 27 May 2010. Web. 25 Oct. 2010. <>.

An Investment in You, Your Goals, and Your Future

Completing your Bachelor’s degree is an investment of time, money, and motivation.  Between finding the degree program that is right for you, determining which credits can transfer, and allocating time for your courses and homework, the path to completing your Bachelor’s degree can seem overwhelming.

At Rasmussen College, your success is our success, and we work to make your transfer process as seamless as possible.  We have dedicated program managers who understand your situation as an adult student returning to complete your Bachelor’s degree and can help you determine which Bachelor’s degree program fits your academic and career goals. 

To ensure the maximum amount of your previously-earned college credits are properly transferred, you will work with a transfer specialist who will analyze your transcripts and transfer applicable credits into your Rasmussen College Bachelor’s degree program.

Your program manager will then evaluate your remaining required courses for your degree program and determine your graduation date.  As your graduation date nears, our career services advisors will work with you one-on-one to help you find a position in your field or develop a portfolio that showcases your degree program accomplishments and knowledge to present to your current employer.

A Seamless Transfer Policy to Help You Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree

At Rasmussen College, we recognize that our students returning to complete their Bachelor’s degree:

  • Have previous credits and/or a conferred degree
  • Don’t want to retake courses
  • Want to advance in their careers
  • Want recognition for previous learning experience
  • Want a clear credit transfer policy

To help students transfer into the Rasmussen College Bachelor’s degree program that is right for them, we provide access to:

  • Transfer specialists—professionals dedicated to the analysis of previously-earned college credit and the application of that credit to the student’s chosen Rasmussen College Bachelor’s degree program.
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)—Students have the opportunity to apply for college credit by demonstrating prior learning. Through a successful PLA application which demonstrates learned knowledge as a result of experience, students can further accelerate their Bachelor’s degree completion schedule.

Rasmussen College offers students a variety of options when transferring previously-earned college credit to help each student maximize the amount of credit transferred into their chosen Bachelor’s degree program. View a comprehensive list of all Rasmussen College transfer policies for more details.