Returning Students

Welcome Back: We’re Glad You’re Here

Thank you for choosing to return to your studies at Rasmussen College – rest assured that you’re making the right choice.

By returning to your studies, you’re acknowledging the importance of higher education to your academic and career future. We hope that you take advantage of the many student support resources we have in place to help you make steady progress toward completing your education.

Re-Entry Process

If you want to re-enter Rasmussen College you must complete the following requirements. Our re-entry specialist will guide you through each of these steps to assure you have a smooth transition returning to school. If you have questions, never hesitate to ask. In order to enroll again, follow these steps:

  • Read and understand our re-entry policy
  • Complete and submit a re-entry letter
  • If you have an outstanding balance with Rasmussen College, you must arrange a payment plan with student accounts. *You cannot start class without paying your balance
  • Your re-entry specialist will contact you to set up an academic meeting to discuss your status as a returning student
  • Your re-entry specialist will arrange to have you contact your financial aid representative to discuss your financial aid status
  • View the online re-entry orientation (your re-entry specialist will send you a link)

Rasmussen College Re-Entry Policy

Any student who withdraws from classes after the first week of the initial quarter of attendance and then elects to return for a subsequent quarter is defined as a re-entering student.

Re-entering students are returning students who are treated as new students for the purposes of tuition, academic program requirements, and graduation standards. For the calculation of satisfactory academic progress, re-entering students are treated as continuing students and must meet current progress requirements.

Students are permitted to re-enter the institution only one time, unless the dean of student learning, campus director, or director of campus operations determines that extenuating circumstances exist to make an exception.

Re-Entry Letter Requirements

Your re-entry letter must be typed in a Word document, and should address the following points:

  • Acknowledgement of the Rasmussen College re-entry policy
  • When you withdrew
  • Why you withdrew?
  • How have you overcome the obstacles that influenced your decision to withdraw?
  • What is going to keep you from withdrawing again?
  • How does your plan to start school again fit into your “big picture?”