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Professional Support from Enrollment to the Real World

At Rasmussen College, we’re confident in your future potential; that’s why we go beyond career-focused education to offer the services and support you need to achieve professional success at our career center. We can help you in your career by offering the relevant insight and valuable connections we’ve gained through our experience building partnerships with top employers, researching growing industries and working with students to help them become professionals after graduation.

We offer relevant degrees and comprehensive guidance every step of the way, so you have access to the valuable resources and tools you need to start or advance the career that’s right for you.

  • Career Research Hub
    • Career Roadmap

      An interactive tool designed to help you decide what career is right for you—with a variety of factors to consider such as skills, education, location, salary, benefits, etc.

    • Career Aptitude Test

      With our test, you can receive a list of career suggestions based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; this tool helps you determine the best career for you depending on your unique skills and interests.

    • What Career Should I Choose?

      This graph lets you filter jobs based on their expected growth and salary level—so you can decide which is more important to you as you look toward a new career.

    • Occupational Salary by State

      Use this tool to discover the average salary by state for your career of choice as well as the actual salary when adjusted for cost of living.

  • Career Services
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