Credential Ladder

Take Advantage of Your Education Accomplishments as you Earn Your Degree

At Rasmussen College, our unique approach to education continues with our Credential Ladder—where we acknowledge each credential you earn at the time you earn them. This allows you to take advantage of your education accomplishments as you work towards your goal.

For example, as a Business Management Bachelor’s degree student, your transcript will show your Business Management Diploma and Associate’s degree at the time you complete the required credits for each. When you complete the required credits for your Bachelor’s degree and reach the top of the ladder, you will be awarded your Business Management Bachelor’s degree.

As you progress up your degree ladder, you will:

  • Complete your core courses first: Your general education courses are completed after your core courses—allowing you to immediately use your education in your career
  • Earn credentials incrementally: Use your credentials as you earn them to help start your career or advance your current career—all while you’re still in school

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