Design Student Showcases Work at MegaCon 2012

We recently had the opportunity to interview design degree student, Jordana Bitner, who traveled with Rasmussen College to MegaCon 2012. She has shared with us her insight into this epic design convention and the experience she had showcasing her art.

* What degree program are you in? What is your expected graduation date?

I am pursuing a Multimedia Technologies Associate's degree - Digital Design and Animation specialization (through the School of Technology and Design). My expected graduation date is June 2012.

* How were you selected to go to the MegaCon. (MegaCon is a yearly comic, gaming, and multi-genre design convention)

I had considered showcasing my designs at a MegaCon table for a few years now. I regularly go to the convention as a buyer, not a seller. After some communication with my professors and the Artist's Alley director, I thought it would be fun to at least try it once.

* What is the number one thing that you learned at the Megacon Convention?

I found that communication between you and your buyers is crucial at a convention. If I didn't have an image that they liked, I'd ask what kinds of things they were looking for. Casual conversations with people who were just passing by would turn into talks about hobbies, ambitions, goals, and so on.

* How have your classes at Rasmussen College prepared you for exhibiting?

Organization and prioritizing my illustrations were things that I learned at Rasmussen College, and they helped me considerably while exhibiting at MegaCon.  I learned quite a bit about the printing process as well, which helped me optimize my print purchases. All the money spent on prints adds up fast, so knowing a bit about the printing process saved me quite a bit of money.

* How has this experience reshaped your thought process about design?

It's helped me learn how deeply design and a good business sense go together. You can be a wonderful artist, but knowing nothing about how business and customer service work will only hurt you in the long run.

* What do you intend to do after graduation? What is your ideal job?

Ideally, I'd love to be a conceptual artist for a video game company. But even if that isn't possible, the market is always open to designers.

* Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

Be confident when you sell your work, whether it's art or otherwise! It's your creation, and you put time and effort into it. Be proud!

Check our Jordana's work here.

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