Fort Myers Campus Hosts Tech Tactics Event

Tech Tactics is an extracurricular event for the students of the School of Technology and Design, created by two Rasmussen College Technology and Design instructors, Derek Erfourth and Jennifer Ayotte. Students from each discipline are invited to participate in the computer-based competition and divided into two cross-functional teams. The game immerses the students into real-world business situations requiring them to collaborate and to work creatively across business lines to solve problems. 


This year was the campus’ 2nd annual event. It began on 9:00 a.m. on Friday, March 2, 2012 at the Fort Myers Campus and finished at noon on Saturday, March 3, 2012. More than 30 students participated and spent more than 30 hours straight competing. Attendees enjoyed the event so much that plans are already in place for the 3rd annual Tech Tactics to take place in the Winter 2013.


Your company has to purchase your license for that suite. What started out as a little game for tech and design students at Rasmussen College-- You're making the website by yourself. Has graduated to an all-out computer war. Whatever part of that-- What Tech Tactics is, it is a School of Technology and Design event where we take students from each discipline within the School of Tech and Design and divide them into the project teams. Derek Erfourth is an IT instructor at Rasmussen and is the brainchild behind Tech Tactics. Tech Tactics not only helps his students learn to collaborate-- Yes, we can. But shows them real world situations they'll run into once they graduate. A really good opportunity for them to have to work across business lines. And that's something, even when I was in college, we never got an opportunity to do. The technology is here now for us to be able to do this with our students.

This year's Tech Tactics game is a little different. Six systems. I'll pay you for two. Students will have to spend more than 30 hours playing the game, as opposed to last year's eight hour game.

These students are the type of students who are used to saying up around the clock and enjoy that. So to up the ante, we then pretty much quadrupled the workload of Tech Tactics. [? Caitlin ?] [? Schneiders ?] and Anthrone Davis participated last year. They say this year is much more in-depth.

We'll have to have the website with more stuff than we had before. So we definitely have double the amount of work, if not triple the amount of work.

It's totally different this time. I mean, there's a lot more being implemented this time as opposed to the first time. Because it was the first time that we've ever done anything like that. Students have to create three sites on the web, a 3D game, a commercial, and a website selling products. Once completed, network administrators and security students try to hack in. Later on, once everything is up and running, we turn the security students loose and let them try to hack into each other's environment.

The Tech Tactics game is only played at the Fort Myers campus. Campus Director Eric Whitehouse says Tech and Design students and staff alike look forward to the event. I think it's very in keeping with the entire learning model. I think our learning model is very much to learn something, you learn it, then you do it, and then you know it. As for the instructors, Erfourth and Ayotte say they look forward to about 3:00 AM, when students' nerves come to a screeching halt.

No tensions have developed yet. I think that, like Derek said, that will come in the wee hours of the morning. But so far, everything looks pretty solid on both teams. Reporting at Rasmussen College campus in Fort Myers, Tom Lloyd, SNN local news six. Download server 2008. Physical--

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