The Best Early Childhood Education Jobs for All Degree Holders

Something that probably weighs constantly on your mind is the career outlook for those with an education degree. Teaching can be an incredibly rewarding profession but what kinds of jobs are available for degree holders? Rest assured, the long-term outlook for teaching positions is pretty high across the board.

But you’re passionate about helping children develop into intelligent adults. So for you, the bigger question is this: What kinds of early childhood education careers will be available after you earn your degree?

And yes, you need to earn a degree.  

“If you are planning to teach, having a degree in ECE is great … even essential,” says Stacy Erickson, child development specialist in Seattle, Wash. Her early childhood education degree has provided several opportunities to her throughout her career in teaching — specifically, she worked as a Montessori assistant, infant teacher and childcare center director.

We’re here to help answer your question.

We identified more than 5,000 ECE job openings using real-time market intelligence from* The jobs listed here represent openings from the last 12 months and specifically mention an ECE degree as a qualifying factor. Here’s what we found.

Best Early Childhood Education Jobs and Careers for All Degree Holders

The chart highlights the number of available ECE jobs for those who have a bachelor’s degree versus those with an associate degree. The value of showing both examples is to help current and potential students understand the value behind college courses and credits.

The salaries also come from the jobs analysis and represent the median income for those positions within the past year. The salary data reflects workers of all levels of education and experience, and does not necessarily include starting salaries. Employment may vary due to your location.

Learn more about your options for a degree in education by visiting the School of Education and be sure to check out these careers further by downloading the Education Career Outlook.

Early childhood education jobs in detail

1. Preschool teacher

Similar positions: Lead teacher, infant lead teacher and early childhood teacher

Real-time job postings: 6,986

Real-time salary: $40,125

Duties: Preschool teachers work with young children on social, physical and intellectual growth through arts and crafts, music, storytelling, shapes and letters. Preschool teachers instill skills such as learning colors and letter recognition that contribute to the growth needed for students to enter into kindergarten.

2. Education administrator

Similar positions: Director, administrator and executive director

Real-time job postings: 3,376

Real-time salary: $42,490

Duties: Education administrators plan, direct and coordinate academic and non-school-related activities for preschool children, childcare centers and programs relating to this age group. Additionally, they may take on duties such as monitoring student progress, and providing assistance with resolving issues.

3. Teachers assistant

Similar positions: Assistant teacher, paraprofessional and special education teaching assistant

Real-time job postings: 8,643

Real-time salary: $33,268

Duties: Teachers assistants provide one-to-one help for students with disabilities or students who speak English as a second language. In addition to providing extra assistance, they tutor children, observe behaviors and performance, and organize activities for physical, mental and social development.

4. Childcare director

Similar positions: Preschool director, education coordinator and early head start director

Real-time job postings: 11,645

Real-time salary: $59,076

Duties: Childcare directors monitor student progress, provide assistance to students and teachers, set teaching standards, establish policies, procedures and programs to help education goals for young students.

5. Child and family social worker

Similar positions: School social worker, family service worker and social worker

Real-time job postings: 4,159

Real-time salary: $45,894

Duties: Child and family social workers provide social services and assistance for the benefit of improving children and families’ for their well-being and academic functioning of children. These workers may also arrange foster homes and adoptions. In school, they will work with issues such as teen pregnancy, misbehavior and tardiness.

6. Social and human services assistant

Similar positions: Advocate, community coordinator and family support worker

Real-time job postings: 8,174

Real-time salary: $43,848

Duties: Social and human service assistants assist in client services for psychology, rehabilitation and social work for support to families. These workers may also assist clients in identifying and obtaining benefits and social services.

7. Guidance counselor

Similar positions: Counselor, school counselor and educational counselor

Real-time job postings: 21,675

Real-time salary: $43,288

Duties: Guidance counselors work with school-age individuals and parents to provide academic guidance as well as social, personal or behavioral guidance. These workers may also step-in with crisis intervention for difficult in-school situations and provide guidance for a resolution of the issue.

8. Personal care aide

Similar positions: Certified nursing assistant (CNA), home health aide (HHA) and home care aide

Real-time job postings: 2,683

Real-time salary: $29,986

Duties: Personal care aides assist the elderly, convalescents and those who have disabilities with daily activities. These workers may work at a care facility or in-home. Personal care aides may also provide and advise families on nutrition, cleanliness and household activities.

9. Kindergarten teacher

Similar positions: Elementary school teacher

Real-time job postings: 1,478

Real-time salary: $43,642

Duties: Kindergarten teachers work with children to teach them science skills—elemental, natural and social—personal hygiene, music, art, literature and reading. These teachers also help students with physical, mental and social development. 

10. Special education teacher

Similar positions: Special needs teacher, paraprofessional, elementary emotional behavior disorder (EBD) teacher

Real-time job postings: 981

Real-time salary: $45,105

Duties: Special education teachers work with educationally and physically handicapped students. These teachers also specialize and work with audibly and visually handicapped students, in addition to teaching basic academic and life skills to those who are mentally impaired.


* (Analysis of 6,180 early childhood education degree jobs from December 2, 2012 to December 3, 2013).


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