Earn Your Degree—Your Way with flex choice option

Enroll in one of our qualifying degrees and benefit from online faculty-led courses as well as optional self-paced courses at no additional cost. You could earn an Associate’s degree for as little as $15,880 or complete a Bachelor’s degree for as little as $9,900.1

When you choose the Flex Choice option and take advantage of the maximum number of available self-paced courses for your program, your lowest total cost is shown below:

Flex Choice

Why Combine Faculty-Led and Self-Paced Courses?

Self-paced courses are fully online and designed to be completed on your own time. With Flex Choice, you can take them alongside your faculty-led courses to:

  • Choose Your Own Pace: Move quickly through concepts you understand or slow down and receive support to learn new material. Depending on the program you choose, maximizing available self-paced courses can help you graduate up to six months sooner.2
  • Make Progress at Your Convenience: Prove you have mastered concepts and receive credit toward your degree on a schedule that works best for you
  • Save Money: Enroll in faculty-led courses and gain access to our library of self-paced courses

Your Schedule. Your Choice.

We reinvented our online approach to give you flexible options so you can choose the way you want to learn through a combination of faculty-led and self-paced online courses. The more ambitious your schedule is, the more you can save.

The Flex Choice part of the degree was the differentiation for me when I was looking at a number of different colleges. That was one of the big appeals. Flexibility is huge when your time for school is limited to after work and on the weekends.

— — Mike Goettl, Flex Choice student

Is Flex Choice Right For You? Take the Next Steps

Find out if Flex Choice is a good fit for you with our checklist and browse our eligible programs below:

You can also view the full list of all self-paced courses here. If you're ready to learn more about enrolling in Flex Choice, we'd love to walk you through your options. Fill out the form or call 888-5-RASMUSSEN to contact us today.

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