Exploring Medical Lab Technician Jobs and Salaries

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In the video below, we speak with Rasmussen College’s National Medical Lab Technician Program Coordinator, Tammy Renner, to discuss the career and salary opportunities for graduates in our Medical Lab Technician program.


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So we are here today with the national medical lab technician program coordinator, Tammy Renner, who is going to talk with us about, basically, the course opportunities and career opportunities for a medical lab technician. So hi, Tammy. Thanks for being with us here today. What sort of medical lab technician jobs are available on the marketplace right now?

There is wide open jobs at this point in time. The average age of a laboratory aid is 48, so there are lots of them that would like to retire. The statistics are great in that the retirement will be wide open for it.

So our students-- four of our five campuses have 100% placement of the graduates. Oftentimes, students are offered positions at their clinical sites, so about 30% of them are offered to stay. And that is early on in their externship. So it's very-- in that respect, the job market is very good.

Great. All right. So what is a common salary for a medical lab technician?

That is going to depend on where they go. Now, if they stay more rural and in smaller facilities, actually the salaries have been higher. So you're talking probably $19, $20 range per hour. In larger facilities in the larger cities, like the metro, you will see probably starting right around $16 to $18.

All right. So I think that just about wraps up our discussion today. So thank you again so much, Tammy, for being here today to talk about medical lab technician courses, career opportunities, and really educational opportunities. So for all of you guys who want more information about health care careers and medical lab technician degree programs, you can visit rasmussen.edu. Thanks a lot.

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