14 Social Work Blogs You Need to Read in 2014

social work blogs

The fulfillment you get from helping others is why a career in social work appealed to you in the first place. But as with everything these days, the industry is a rapidly moving stream that can be hard to keep up with at times.

It can prove challenging to stay up to date on the important news and trends in the world of social work with a full-time workload, children to raise and that ever-present mortgage.

Thankfully, technology is now filling that gap with scores of bloggers who are doing all the necessary research for you. We’ve been scoping out some resources that we think you’ll find helpful. Below is a list of 14 important social work blogs that can help you stay on top of your game and hopefully land you the job or promotion you’ve been seeking.

Top Social Work Blogs

1. Anti-Social Social Worker

Why follow? This blog employs a very casual, candid approach to writing about social work. Blog posts range from poignant reviews of books relating to the field, a grappling with relevant current events and their ties to many of the issues social workers encounter on the job and intensely relatable personal content.

The best part is, despite the ‘anti-social’ claim in the title, the writer’s style elicits the feel of a friendly coffee shop chat, making readers feel instantly comfortable and welcome.

2. Classroom to Capitol

Why follow? Melinda K. Lewis, the blog’s creator and writer, is all about advocacy. She aims to shed light on some hugely important issues related to social work and also provide a multi-dimensional resource for social workers, instructors and students alike. She draws on her personal experiences to aid in the readers’ quest for social justice through discussing topics like poverty, debt and politics.

3. Creative Clinical Social Worker

Why follow? This site is full of variety. It provides engaging advice and encouraging quotes, but also gives readers an opportunity to submit content and ask questions. Posts range from general question-and-answer pieces to tutorials for unique activities to add to your repertoire when interacting with clients. This blog emphasizes the power of community, upholding the notion that we can all learn from each other.

4. Do No Harm

Why follow? The social worker behind this blog hails from Singapore and is definitely not lacking in passion for his work. His posts cover the gamut of issues related to social work. They include general parenting tips and encouragement, advice on supporting families of people with special needs and direct guidance on meeting with clients.

He appeals to the intellectual side of social workers with book recommendations and in-depth explorations into the philosophies behind the career while also appealing to the personal side of those in the industry with intimate letters to his wife and infant son.

5. Inspired Social Work

Why follow? This blog is dedicated to rejuvenating social workers in the midst of what can sometimes be tough and emotionally draining work. There is an evident goal in most of the posts you’ll encounter on this site: finding inspiration in the daily responsibilities and experiences of working in this field.

The blogger’s engaging writing style and honest vulnerability make this blog a place of authentic encouragement topped with advice in dealing with the hardships you may face in the field of social work so that you can dedicate yourself more wholly to the job.

6. Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian

Why follow? This blog is based on the notion that we are all teachers and learners and that life is more rewarding when working toward improving the human condition, according to Relando Thompkins, the man behind the blog.  The site is chock full of advice for social workers, inspiring images and videos, and even tips on making your own blog more successful.

Thompkins focuses on important social justice issues, such as race, by drawing on inspirational people from both the present and past, and it’s sure to motivate you in the same way.

7. The Political Social Worker

Why follow? Based on the name of this blog, it’s not really a secret that it’s going to dabble in politics. But author Rachel L. West strikes an admirable and eloquent balance between the world of politics and social work.

The posts on this blog range from a live report on the State of the Union address to an instructional post on calling your congressman about a particular piece of legislation. They also feature tips for students concerning establishing an effective social media presence and creating successful business cards.

8. Social Workers Speak

Why follow? The premise behind this blog is its driving force: To transform how the public views social work and the issues social workers care deeply about. Developed by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the site posts articles directly related to popular culture—posts about recent TV shows, popular documentaries and celebrities. Those coupled with expert interviews and profiles make this a great blog for social workers to follow.

9. Social Work Blog

Why follow? Another blog stemming from the NASW, this site focuses on all the hot ticket issues in the industry of social work. Visiting the blog, you’ll learn about what’s happening with the Department of Justice; important issues being upheld by the Supreme Court; common challenges faced by social workers; and how to cope with the deep emotions encountered while working in the field.

10. Social Work Career Development

Why follow? This blog started as a depiction of one woman’s journey through a career change into social work. It is a source of guidance for those who seek to do the same through posts about going to graduate school, passing the LMSW licensure exam, building an a online authority, mental disorders encountered on the job and even interview tips.

11. Social Work Helper

Why follow? Covering issues housed under the categories of politics, technology, entertainment, education and nonprofits, this site is sure to keep you up to date on all of the important issues in the world of social work.

With separate tabs for each category, this blog offers solutions to drug abuse, state licensing laws, President Obama’s latest humanitarian efforts and motivating stories of people overcoming adversity all in one sitting.

12. Social Work License Map

Why follow? This blog focuses specifically on social work licensure, acknowledging that the process can seem complicated on the surface. It reinforces the notion that proper guidance and advice can help simplify what can be a daunting experience.

It features posts depicting the different levels of social work licenses, the basic difference between social work and psychology and the best web-based continuing education options for social workers while also covering some overarching issues like mental illness, the LGBT community and civil rights.

13. Social Work Tech

Why follow? The aim of this site is to coach those working in the field of social work to utilize technology to greatly improve their professional lives. Here, you can learn effective strategies for researching, helpful apps you may not know exist, tips on self-care within the profession, and so much more. The tools you will discover through this blog are designed to make your career as a social worker so much easier.

14. Social Work World Blog

Why follow? This blog exists to serve social workers, social work students and anyone interested in humanitarian issues. Posts often discuss important governmental issues, features on social work degree scholarships and salary guides. They also provide advice on finding a job in your area with tips on how to ace that interview. Throw in a few book reviews and helpful infographics, and this site covers the whole spectrum of what social workers will be looking for in a blog.

Now What?

This list of social work blogs provides a wealth of information for current social workers and those looking to get into the field. Be sure to bookmark this list and keep track of any new developments on these sites. Staying current on the ever-changing trends in the field will give you a leg up in those intimidating job or promotion interviews.

For other ways to stay up to date with industry news, follow the Rasmussen College School of Justice Studies blog. You can also keep tabs on us via Facebook and Twitter.

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Jess is a Content Marketing Specialist at Collegis Education. She researches and writes student-focused content on behalf of Rasmussen College. As a trained and published poet, she loves discovering new ways to use her writing as a tool to further the education of others.

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