Terrorist Expert Visits Justice Studies Students at Rasmussen College

A man who made a career of hunting down terrorists shares his story with Rasmussen College - School of Justice Studies students. This news clip was recently featured on WINK- TV.




Lois Thome: Thank you, Scott. Tonight at seven, a story you'll only see on WINK. A man who made a career of hunting down terrorists is sharing what he has learned with others.

Cayle Thompson: A former FBI investigator now works for the Punta Gorda Police Department, but spent years chasing those behind some of the worst attacks on U.S. soil. Maite Delarosa shows us what he's teaching others.

Matthew Besheer: February 26th, 1993 a large explosion based in the World Trade Center.

Maite Delarosa: For eight years, Master Patrol Officer Matthew Besheer worked on the FBI Task Force and chased some of the world's most dangerous terrorists.

Matthew Besheer: These are pictures of the inside of the World Trade Center. This is the main lobby.

Maite Delarosa: He and his partners were responsible for catching those who plotted the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. At the time, investigators didn't have the advantage of technology, and he admits they were one step behind the bad guys.

Matthew Besheer: It was a painstaking building of evidence.

Maite Delarosa: Today Besheer shared his experiences with future officers and investigators at Rasmussen College about the steps they took to put these men behind bars. He showed them pictures of the bombing and evidence they found, including who rented the van that exploded.

Matthew Besheer: And from there, finding out friends, cohorts, and accomplices.

Maite Delarosa: Eric Delacruz wants to work for the DEA after he graduates college and thinks Besheer's advice will help him.

Eric Delacruz: How to deal with the emotional side of law enforcement is something people forget about, and law enforcement officers have feelings too.

Maite Delarosa: Besheer says he hopes he inspired these students and they understand what they're signing up for is rewarding. In Fort Myers, Maite Delarosa, WINK News Now.

Cayle Thompson: Well, Besheer was also an investigator in the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11th attacks. He says he started lecturing to remind people why our country is still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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