Top 100 Academic Law Twitter Feeds

Twitter is a social network that serves as a tool for communication, personal networking and even marketing. This medium has also advanced to become a place for professionals and students to enrich their minds with thought–provoking posts, links to academic research, professional events and the latest news headlines. Though there are a lot of meaningless updates and spam–infested marketing messages laced throughout the network — there are specific Twitter feeds that provide enriching information that educate lawyers, doctors, marketers, financial buffs and more.

This article will highlight the top 100 academic law feeds on Twitter...from law librarians, professors and schools, to paralegal instructors and criminal justice teachers—perfect for online Criminal Justice degree seeking students, law scholars and more.


Law Librarians

  1. Greg Lambert ( Not to be confused with glam–rock pop star, Adam Lambert, this Texan law librarian at BigLaw is his own respective all star in litigation research. Follow his blog at
  2. Andrew Weber ( This Law Library of Congress librarian offers informative tips related to research software, recent court cases and posts about daily life in Washington, D.C. on his Twitter feed.
  3. Brian L. Baker ( This 20–year law librarian veteran based in Fresno, California tweets about social media and its benefit to non–profit organizations and libraries.
  4. Connie Crosby ( This Toronto–based law librarian was recently nominated for Canadian Law Blog Award, which can be found here:, and keeps her followers up to speed on law–related events in Canada.
  5. Emily Carr ( Emily is a reference librarian at Law Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.; “AskaLibrarian” administrator and web archivist. Follow this feed for the latest trends of indexing and government–run research websites.
  6. Jason Eiseman ( Jason is a technology–loving librarian for Emerging Technologies at the Yale Law School Library. He’s up–to–speed on the latest trends of online research, so follow this web evangelist’s Twitter feed!
  7. Jason Griffey ( Digital culture...Web 2.0... Higher education... These are just a few subjects that you can find on this University of Tennessee law librarian’s Twitter feed.
  8. Megan Kribble ( This Bostonian law librarian offers insightful tweets on law librarianship, plus some personal topics related to cats and life in Boston. Follow her blog, too, at
  9. Michelle Pearse ( Michelle Pearse is a librarian for Open Access Initiatives & Scholarly Communication at Harvard Law School Library. She is a fan favorite on Twitter for her news–driven tweets on litigation research around the world.
  10. Montserratlj ( This law librarian and Web 2.0 and emerging technologies evangelist offers tips on how to be more efficient with research, while mixing in personal tweets and hot–button research findings.
  11. Pam Brannon ( Pam Brandon is an expert academic law librarian based in Georgia. Follow her tweets for comments on books and precedential law cases.
  12. Rita Kaiser ( This Maryland–based law librarian, blogger and podcaster follows technology trends, politics and pop–cultural news.
  13. Sarah Glassmeyer ( Indisputably the “ring leader” of law librarians, Sarah’s Twitter posts are insightful and pioneering––with information about social media trends, litigation research and personal interests.
  14. Scott Vine ( This cheeky Brit traces his roots back to Swansea University and a Postgraduate Qualification in Information and Library Management from Strathcl yde University. Follow his blog, “Information Overlord” here: and Twitter feed to stay up to speed on technology trends in legal research.
  15. Steve Matthews ( Law librarian–turned search engine marketer, Steve Matthews, debriefs his Twitter followers with social media and marketing trends. He is the founder of Stem Legal, a firm dedicated to search engine marketing in the legal spectrum.
  16. Erika Wayne ( This law librarian and legal research instructor knows all about legal research... and she provides great links to her employer’s website at

Paralegal Instructors and Criminal Justice Professors

  1. Andrea Michele ( This Texan paralegal instructor shares life experiences and helpful career advice through her Twitter feed.
  2. Lynne DeVenny ( Follow Lynne DeVenny’s astute Twitter feed and blog called “Practical Paralegalism” at
  3. >

  4. Paralegal SLO ( Administered by a Californian paralegal professor, this feed is a wonderful resource for any student or professional in the legal world.
  5. Paralegal Teach ( Though this feed doesn’t have amount of followers as other feeds on the list, this Ohio–based paralegal professor is an expert in advising career paths for paralegals.
  6. Dr. Blankenship ( This Twitter fanatic makes the cut for his unique take on social science and justice. Dr. Blankenship is a social scientist (and former police officer) dedicated to presenting the best empirical evidence available on crime and justice online.

Law Professors

  1. Peter Friedman ( Law professor and blogger extraordinaire, Peter Friedman, tweets about corporations, art and law theory. Follow his blog at
  2. David Thomson ( David Thomson is the author of Law School 2.0: Legal Education for a Digital Age and the Director of the Lawyering Process Program at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law. Follow his tweets for the inside scoop on technological advancements and the use of Web 2.0 in academia.
  3. John Harman ( John Harman, Director of Multimedia at The College of Law, offers insightful tweets in the legal profession, including career questionnaires and leadership quizzes.
  4. Paul M. Secunda ( This labor and employment law professor at Marquette Law School in Milwaukee’s provides a continuous reel of topics including employee benefits law, labor laws and politics. Law–lovers, make sure to follow his blog, too, at
  5. Mark Crispin Miller ( Political science aficionados unite...on Professor Mark Crispin Miller’s micro–blog. A professor of media studies at New York University, Professor Miller cycles the top news stories in politics through his Twitter feed.
  6. John Nechman ( Immigration lawyer, law professor and gay activist from Houston, Texas; John Nechman feeds inquiring minds great immigration litigation trends, commentary and other news on his Twitter feed.
  7. Ryan Calo ( Stay abreast with cyber law on Professor Ryan Calo’s Twitter feed. A fellow at the Center for Internet and Society, Professor Calo will teach you “all things internet” though his micro–blog and website:
  8. Joel Eisen ( Joel Eisen is an environmental and energy law professor from University of Richmond. With years of experience practicing and teaching law ––he is a Twitter must–follow!
  9. Gad Barzilai ( This University of Washington Professor specializes in law, political science and international studies.
  10. Cyndee Todgham ( Canadian international trade and sales tax lawyer and adjunct professor at Case Western, follow Cyndee’s tweets about trade law and NAFTA.
  11. James Boyle ( Forget silly Twitter posts...James, who is a William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law at Duke Law School and founder of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain, offers a Twitter feed that is full of links to his website ( and other legal articles.
  12. Mark R. Weaver ( Media law attorney, crisis communications whiz and adjunct professor of law––Mark Weaver does it all, and he even has time to tweet about webinars, helpful tools for lawyers and law school.
  13. Jamie Markham ( This University of North Carolina Assistant Professor of Public Law and Government feeds the Twitter–verse with informative ammo on criminal law, sentencing, corrections and probation. Follow Jamie here, on his blog:
  14. Gary Francione ( Professor of Law at Rutgers University School of Law, Gary Francione, supplies a stream of introspective Twitter posts about animal rights and veganism.
  15. Eric Goldman ( The Twitter feed of this cyber law professor and Director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School is brimming with useful links to court cases and his technology law–focused blog:
  16. Steve Metzer ( Privacy lawsuits, internet litigation and the internet...These are just a few topics that you will find on this Farmington, Maine law professor and non–profit attorney’s Twitter feed.
  17. Colleen Graffy ( You would think someone as busy as Collen Gaffy wouldn’t have time to use Twitter, but she does...This international law professor at Pepperdine and former diplomat is the go–to source in the Twitter community with worldly litigation.
  18. Michael Scott ( This law professor at Southwest University has a passion for copyright law, technology, cyber crimes and more. According to Scott, he strives to “locate interesting blog entries, news articles, law review articles, from more than 500 different blogs”... so consider him a great resource for the latest in the legal world.
    • 1,300+ Tweets
    • Retweet Rank: 18,630
  19. Michael Scott ( (See number 33 for description.)
  20. Michael Scott ( (See number 33 for description.)
  21. Michael Scott ( (See number 33 for description.)
  22. Jane Simon ( Legal Writing Professor at Notre Dame and Federal Court Law Clerk, Jane Simon, has a Twitter feed filled with Web 2.0 news and relevant legal news.
  23. Nikki Mehrpoo Jacobson ( If you are interested in immigration law, follow this Twitter feed that is brimming with immigration litigation intel.
    • 600+ Tweets
    • Retweet Rank: NA
  24. Hugh Hewitt ( Professor Hewitt has been teaching Constitutional Law at Chapman University Law School since 1995. A frequent contributor to MSNBC and other news outlets, Professor Hewitt’s Twitter feed is a great resource for aspiring politicians, paralegals and lawyers.
  25. Jonathan I. Ezor ( With a mix of personal and professional tweets, Jonathan I. Ezor––Director of the Touro Law Center Institute for Business, Law and Technology and an Assistant Professor of Law and Technology––has a great feed to follow on Twitter.
  26. Feminist Law Professors ( This feed magnetizes women in justice across the nation with its posts that link to blogs, books, articles and conferences of interest to feminist law professors.
  27. Art Jipson ( Radio disc jockey and criminal justice professor at the University of Dayton has a passion for social media and uses it for research and personal expression.
    • 3,200+ Tweets
    • Retweet Rank: 6,216 (3)
  28. Karen Evans ( Trademark law professor from Michigan, Karen Evans, fills the public in on all things copyright and trademark through Twitter.
  29. Rebeccah Herold ( Another privacy professor impresses the Twittersphere with thought–provoking posts on social media, info security and privacy.
  30. Ann Althouse ( Follow this law professor at University of Wisconsin’s Twitter feed for the inside scoop on political theory and life in the gorgeous town of Madison.
  31. Vbalasubramani ( Follow this bio–tech internet lawyer and professor based out of Seattle, Washington. His Twitter feed contains information about electronic communications, email, social networks, privacy and more.
  32. Scott F. Gibson ( Scott F. Gibson is a successful Arizonian business lawyer, counselor and adjunct professor who contributes brainy posts about the art of negotiation, current legislative news and more.
  33. Laurie Morin ( Based in the nation’s capital, this law professor and entrepreneur tweets about running a small business, personal wellness and more.
  34. Jim Milles ( James Milles is a law professor at University of Buffalo Law School who tweets about computer–mediated communication and social networking technologies among producers and consumers of legal information. Follow his Twitter feed, plus his personal blog at:
  35. Anne P. Mitchell ( CEO at, law professor, philanthropist and father’s rights activist...what does Anne P. Mitchell not do?! Follow her on Twitter for her insight into life and law.
  36. Ross Runkel ( Track this modern–day Renaissance man––law professor, Editor at and arbitrator–– for great stream–of–mind insights.
  37. Shaun Jamison ( This Minnesotan powerhouse has his hands tied with public speaking engagements, lectures and triathlons; and all the while has time for Twitter. Follow this feed for edifying posts on social media, legal research and healthy lifestyle pointers.
  38. Jonathan Zittrain ( Jonathan Zittrain, a professor of law at Harvard Law School and faculty co–director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society shares his take on digital property and electronic privacy through his Twitter account.
  39. Lawrence Lessig ( Lawrence Lessig is the Director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard University, and a professor of law at Harvard Law School. Follow Lessig for great posts linking to copyright lawsuit commentary, insightful articles on his blog ( and other tech–law clips.
  40. James Hirsen ( Follow this former Temptations keyboardist–turned–media–law professor for great links to pop–culture news stories and legislative reports.
  41. Mark R. Matthews ( This powerful attorney and law professor has an exorbitant amount of followers––which can be attributed to his frequent and informative posts about American government, politics and law.
  42. Jacqueline Healy ( Senior faculty assistant to law professors and internet marketing savant, Jacqueline Healy posts great information pertaining to internet marketing and current legislation. Follow her blog at
  43. Ari Kohen ( Human rights advocate and political theory professor from University of Nebraska, Ari Kohen, tweets about political philosophy and human rights, while offering up links on hot cases in the news.
    • 8,200 Tweets
    • Retweet Rank: 21,463
  44. Alan Rosenblat ( Digital advocacy...government relations... law events... These are just some of the many topics that this digital political strategist, organizer and technology in law professor talks about on Twitter.
  45. Donald Wheeler ( Don Wheeler is the Associate Director for Public Services at the Georgia State University College of Law. Ron teaches the Legal Bibliography course, provides legal reference services and trains members of the law school community and university system on legal research and resources. With his experience in legal citation and research, he can be a great reference for aspiring and practicing lawyers and paralegals on Twitter.
  46. Birdsong Law ( Professor Birdsong teaches criminal law, white collar crime, evidence and immigration law at the Barry University School of Law in Orlando, Florida. His many years of experience in litigation shines through on his thoughtful Twitter postings, linking to “weird criminal law stories” and other articles (
  47. Victoria Pynchon ( A master of conflict resolution and deposition skills, Professor Victoria Pynchon, provides commentary on the study of law in higher education spectrums, professional seminars and more.
  48. Wendy Seltzer ( Cyber law expert, Wendy Seltzer drums in her knowledge on cyber laws, internet privacy and activism through her reflective Twitter feed. Seltzer fans can also follow her blog for an in–depth report on cyber litigation at
  49. Holly Temple - This Twitterer makes the list for her take on balancing personal and professional life. As a law professor and journalist writing book on modern motherhood, Holly shares shrewd advice to her Twitter fans on a daily basis.
  50. James Grimmelman ( James is an associate professor at New York Law School, where he’s affiliated with the Institute for Information Law and Policy. Follow his Tweets to debrief yourself with the use of computer software and how it affects individual freedom and other internet–related subjects.
  51. Richard Leiter ( Law librarian, law professor, information theorist, Richard Leiter is a must–follow on Twitter.
  52. Paul Ohm ( This law professor and coder extraordinaire from Boulder, Colorado has an educational Twitter feed that presents hard facts on interesting cases.
  53. Michael Froomkin ( Michael Froomkin is a distinguished University of Miami law professor who regularly shares advice and commentary on privacy in technology.
  54. Alafair Burke ( Criminal law professor at Hofstra Law School, Alafair Burke, streams pop culture and political posts and informative legal commentary on her Twitter feed.
  55. Christian Stegmaier ( This highly specialized South Carolinian lawyer teaches hotel and restaurant law at the University of South Carolina.
  56. Russ Brien ( This Twitter account makes the list for its unique legal specialty. The brain behind Brien Law, Russ Brien, is a Native American adjunct law professor who specializes in Indian law, business and finance law and tribal economic development.
  57. Bill Childs ( Law professor and radio lover mixes posts about his love for radio and law... a fun combination.

Other Great Legal Feeds on Twitter

  1. Laura Lee Sparks ( Founder and CEO of Legal Marketing Maven, Laura Lee Sparks helps lawyers, law students and legal aspirants with tips on marketing as an individual lawyer or collectively as a law firm.
  2. ABA Journal ( ABA Journal provides continuous news updates from the United States’ premier legal affairs magazine and website.
  3. Legal Times ( Follow this well–known law and lobbying publication, which links to feature stories on newsworthy litigation in the nation’s capital and beyond.
  4. Legal Alerts ( This Twitter feed’s name speaks for itself––as it provides legal observations and notifications to its more than 2,000 followers.
  5. Legal Intelligencer ( Legal Intelligencer is the ultimate Twitter feed for aspiring or current law students, paralegals or public affairs pundits, as it feeds the public with current happenings in the legal world, with links to their online publication.
  6. Legal News ( This feed is chock–full of court documentation including filings and decisions from notable legal cases.
  7. Beat the Bar ( This Twitter account’s title speaks for itself––as passing the bar is a crucial milestone for aspiring lawyers. Follow this feed to learn tips on how to improve your bar test–taking ability.
  8. Legal Search Plus ( Hosted by the Advanced Legal Research Instructors at Stanford Law School, Legal Search Plus’s Twitter feed supplies its followers with literary links on litigation, book suggestions and career advice.
  9. Overlawyered ( The oldest law blog, Overlawyed ( uses Twitter to promote their brazen take on litigious litigation.

Law Schools

  1. Harvard Law School ( Through Harvard Law School’s Twitter activity, you can learn more about events, lectures and research findings at this prestigious Ivy League school’s law department.
  2. Stanford Law School ( This esteemed West Coast law program offers heaps of news articles that are relevant to law students and people in legal professions.
  3. University of Chicago Law School ( The University of Chicago’s Twitter feed is the go–to source for law school happenings and events around Chicago.
  4. Yale Law Library ( Yale Law Library pumps invaluable information to their followers––from rare book announcements and events, to international research findings.
  5. Baylor Law School ( From law school admissions to departmental event postings, Baylor students (and hopeful Baylor co–eds) can be debriefed on all important information at Baylor Law School through Twitter.
  6. New York University Law School ( New York University’s School of Law maintains this feed with posts relevant to both the school, in addition to the law community at large with litigation facts, records and events in the New York City area.
  7. Marquette University ( This Milwaukeean University is a technological epicenter of the study of law. Gain knowledge of Marquette University’s law school events, lectures and news through their steady stream of Twitter posts.
  8. W&L Law School ( Based in Virginia, W&L Law School is one of the smallest and preeminent law schools in the country. The Twitter feed is full of law–related news updates and information about the department.
  9. John Marshall Law School ( This Chicagoan school shares their events and ongoings through their Twitter feed. The John Marshall Law School is more than 100 years old and offers a number of law specialties. Follow the school’s feed to learn more!
  10. Duke Law School ( Follow Duke University Law School’s Twitter feed for interesting links to law publications, the department’s e–news and more.
  11. Cornell Law School ( Information about Cornell Law School applications, the department’s professors and more can be found here.
  12. DePaul University School of Law ( This values–based school showcases their wonderful law school through Twitter.
  13. Georgetown Law Center ( Stay at the pulse of Georgetown University Law Center by following their feed.

As you can see, this list covers a range of legal feeds on one of the most popular internet marketing/social media channels, Twitter. If you want more reading about justice studies or Internet Marketing degrees online or on campus, visit Rasmussen College’s website.

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